by: Caroline Williams


Mmmmmm….Coffee, friends, and a happy heart,

Waking up each morning with a fresh new start.


Brush my teeth and brush my hair,

Pick out for the day what I will wear.


To Kroger, Hobby Lobby, and home again,

I got food and fabric, it’s a win-win!


My day has started it has begun,

Now to play with my dogs and swim in the sun.


The afternoon hits, it’s sewing and lunch,

Reading, Crafting, or Something to munch!


The evening arrives, time to blog for all y’all,

Whether that post may be big or that post may be small.


Then night rolls around, to a soft bed I have gone,

My head on my pillow, the lights are not on.


So that is my life, on this Wednesday so fare,

I hope you enjoyed it and took a moment to care.


To my friends, to my family, to my readers galore:

“I wish you a happy day and many, many more!


Original poem by Caroline, All rights reserved ©


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