Wednesday the Second

Hey y’all!

Well, September’s quilt is going great! Actually…I’m almost done with it! I had started it last month and it is just a very tiny quilt. The “binding” (which is really just a satin ruffle) is almost all the way on. All that’s left to do is to trim the minky :)

Hopefully I will have it finished and shipped off today and I can’t wait to show you at the end of the month!

Also, I now work at Hobby Lobby! Ya, that awesome place with tons of awesome things! I now am a cashier in that wonderful place and hopefully I will eventually move to the fabric department to start cutting what I love…….fabric :)

School started last Monday (24th) for me and my brother started this Monday (31st). He’s got two more years of high school! You got this lil’Bro!

10 hours of school and a part time job is kinda tough but I’m getting the hang of things. All classes except one are online so that does help. And don’t worry peeps… I’m still finding a way to quilt and blog sometimes for you guys! :)

That’s basically what’s up with me this week!

How was yours?

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