To Leave a Review or not to leave a Review…That is the Question

To leave a review or not to leave a review…That is the question, and hopefully you will find my answer helpful.


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Should I leave a Review?

Reviews are night and day for business men and women!

They not only make your shop look professional and well-rounded, but they also have the power to prevent customers from purchasing, returning, recommending it, or even… just following the crowds and adding bad reviews themselves!


Should I leave a review if my product was TERRIBLE (and I mean terrible!)

So, if your product falls apart on day one, should you (in a rage) log onto the website, rant about how terrible the store and product are, hit submit, and then go about your day feeling accomplished?
You want the short answer? “No, you shouldn’t”
You want the slightly longer more explained answer? Here you go: Just because your product is not what you expected does not mean you should just automatically write a bad review. First, take a minute to cool off. Gather your wits, and try to look at this situation rationally. :)

I am NOT telling you to lie though…
Look at the item. Was it really the shop’s fault, or was it the post offices? (Bent envelope or package, broken glass inside the box, package left in bad weather…etc.)
Second, reach out to the shop owner before you write a bad review. 95% of your average shop owners want to help, and will do their best to fix your issue or return your money. Most shop owners, like me, believe in their products, and will try their best to satisfy you!
What should I write in my review?

Here you go:

You love/or hate your product and are ready to write a review…what should you talk about.

You have to remember others will see this

Write about:

  • If you liked it
  • Was it all you hoped?
  • Did it get there in time?
  • Did it ship fast
  • Was the color correct
  • How was your customer service
  • Who is receiving the item (Christmas, birthday, etc.)
  • Would you ever do business with this shop again?


Enjoy your products, and from all shop owners: “Thanks for your review! It means a lot.”

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