Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #7

Number 7

I was a beginner too! Still am for that matter. I’m not a pro, I make mistakes, mess up on words, and don’t give out change correctly (sometimes, not always…but I always figure it out before they walk off)

Every single fair, I learn something new, it’s true! : )

Some of the more embarrassing moments have been these:


  • I literally talked to a customer through a row of quilts before! Thinking back on it, I just laugh and laugh. I’m chuckling to myself right now! You should have seen us!

Imagine…A big rack of quilts…Customer asked me a question over the rack of quilts, and I responded…looking through the rack of quilts myself! Hahahahahaha… Both of us, stretching our necks like chickens, trying to get a view of the other. I’m embarrassed (and tickled) to say that we held a whole conversation like this.

Ahh, good times

So, TIP: Always come to the front of the table or booth (or rack of quilts.) Engage with the customer.



  • The customer pointed out how I gave him the wrong change. WOOPS! In this kind of situation, you just have to brush it off. Mistakes happen, and thankfully, this customer realized it before he walked off.

TIP: Double check your change, and relax. (Use a calculator if you need to) Don’t know how to count back change? Here are some tips:


  • My square didn’t work! Seriously, the customer did it for me! An adorable couple, buying a bright quilt and matching elephant for their young (about 1 ½) year old daughter. So cute! They had a credit card, so I whipped out my square card reader, feeling all business like, and important.

“Can I please have your card?”

*he handed it to me*

*swipe* wait…wait….wait….



*Swipe swipe swipe*

“ummm….it’s not working….”

This was a very kind pair of customers though. Apparently he works with these kinds of devices and actually swiped his own card. HeeHee

TIP: Stay humble! Something isn’t working right? Tell the customer, maybe they will be device savvy too!?



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