Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #3

Number 3

After the Fair:

  • How did you do?

  • What were your spending costs vs. profit?

Hopefully you did great! Either way, you probably  learned Something new. I know I always do. To help you out, here is an easy printable: What I learned It’s easy! I promise!! Just download, print, and fill it out. Easy peasy!

After you do all of this, GO CELEBRATE!!! You probably deserve it. Of course don’t go spend ALL your profits haha. Come on, go eat ice cream!

Maybe that fair wasn’t for you: This happens, trust me. But hey, if at first you don’t succeed, go eat a giant brownie from the food booth beside you, then go relax, you deserve it.

Oh yes! And the most important thing, DO NOT FORGET to contact your custom order customers. It doesn’t have to be THAT day, but contact them the next day or very soon. *I will touch on custom orders in a later post this week… even get a printable!*


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