Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #2

number 2

What to do during the craft fair:

Evolve the kids! If the fair is a kid oriented fair, involving the pint-sized audience is a must. Bring candy, have a game if you want. Because here is the thing….it sounds devious but usually when the kids are interested, so are the parents. Not always, but usually. Get the child wanting your product. “Hello!” or “Hey buddy.” Offer candy. If they pick up (a mask in my case) say “Would you like to try it on?” Show them themselves in a mirror wearing the mask. If your products are centered around kids, get them involved.

  • Bring a partner! There is no reason to be miserable! Bring Someone who knows your product so that you can leave to go eat, take a bathroom break, or just have someone to talk to if things are going slow.

  • Music anyone? If appropriate, play some seasonal music to make your table feel more inviting. Don’t blast out your customers ears, just some soft classical stuff.


Talk! And get them talking. Here are some scenarios:

When a customer says “your stuff is so cute!”
Say this: “Thank you, are you looking for anything particular?” or “Thank you, are you getting ready for the holidays?”
Not this: “Thank you”

When a customer says “Did you make all this?”
Say this: “Yes, I sure did! I started making (your item) a few years ago and absolutely love creating them. Are you looking for anything particular?”
Not this: “Yes, I sure did!”

When a customer passes your table…
Say this: “Hello, how are you?”
Not this: “………..”

The main goal of running your craft booth is to get your customers talking! Find their interests, etc.


When someone’s look on their face changes to sad when you tell them the price of an item, make the executive decision whether to lower the price of the item or not. Make these decisions beforehand, and stick to them! If your original price is $5.00 tally your costs and decide beforehand that you won’t go any lower than $3.50…etc.


Give out business cards! This is your main priority. Marketing, marketing, marketing!!!


Stay until the fair is completely over. This is when I make most of my sales. Everyone around me is breaking down tables (customers walk past these not wanting to get in the way) while just a few stay faithful to the end. (These are the people who get the main sales)


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