Thank You Wednesday

So confession….I just finished my Thank you cards for graduation about 2 weeks ago.


Oh well, at least everyone got one! :)

Anyways, some cards were harder to write than others so here are a few starters to get you going on your thank you cards for this holiday season!

  1. “Thank you for the (item)! I’m already (riding, using, reading, etc.) it and loving it! I’m so thankful you thought of me on my (birthday, graduation).
  2. I (love, appreciate) the (awesome, wonderful) gift you gave me for my (graduation, birthday)! The (item) is working great and I enjoy using it all the time! Thank you so much, you are awesome! (I love you)
  3. Thanks so much for the gift card to (place) It is really going to help me get ready for (college, party, camping, etc.) I can’t wait to use some of it! Thanks again!
  4. Woo Hoo! Thank you so much for the 5$ gift card to (place) Can you read minds? lol (Hazelnut frappuccino, burger, basically what you are going to buy) here I come!!!
  5. Thank you so much for the money you gave me! I just used (some, all) of it to buy a (thing) I have been wanting one for a while so thanks for making it a reality!
  6. Thank you so much for the (amount of $$)! (I’m saving for a… or I haven’t decided how to use it yet) but when I do it will all be possible because of you!

So there are a few helpful hints to help you write some thank you notes. Remember to make it personal and don’t forget to sign your name!

Address the envelope and try to get it sent off in a timely manner!


Enjoy and happy Wednesday!

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