Coastal Quilt

Shout out to Bianca cause she asked me too:)

I really love how this quilt turned out and I’m so happy it is all finished up! It’s cuter than I imagined and its going to be loved for many years to come


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A Quilt a Month: October


Here it is, like I promised! My October Quilt!

So this picture was actually taken later than October because, well, no reason at all actually. The customer who bought this quilt ordered it in October but has not been able to pick it up yet. Just recently (2016) I decided to add a label on it and go ahead and take pictures. So besides the label just added recently, this quilt was actually done during October.

The back is blue satin and minky fabric.

Simply lovely

Pink and Blue Quilts

Pink and Blue Quilts 00

Pink and Blue Quilts 011

Let me know your thoughts!

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DIY Easy Pillowcase Tutorial

If you want a pillowcase just like this, or want this exact fabric, visit my shop here: SHOP

To make this pillowcase, all you need is:

3/4 of a yard of main fabric

1/3 of a yard of secondary fabric

pillowcase tutorial 029


pillowcase tutorial 008

Start by cutting your fabric. You will need pieces cut to the sizes below:

pillowcase tutorial 005

Cut your main fabric to be a 41’’ x 26’’ rectangle.


pillowcase tutorial 019

Cut your secondary fabric into a 41’’ x 11’’ rectangle. 


pillowcase tutorial 028

 Now fold your secondary piece of cloth in half, so it measures 41’’ x 5.5’’


With right sides together, pin your secondary fabric to the longest edge {41’’} of your main fabric. You want to make sure all rough edges are facing one way.


pillowcase tutorial 021

 Sew with a ¼ inch seam allowance down the length of the pillowcase.

You should be sewing three layers.

Iron the seams.

Now you should have a piece of cloth that measures roughly: 41” x 31”


pillowcase tutorial 020

All that’s left, is to fold, pin, sew, and iron!

FOLD: You now need to fold your pillowcase cloth in half, shortest edge to shortest edge. Fold with right sides together. It should measure about: 20.5’’ x 31.5’’

PIN: Pin everything in place. Make sure all the seams match up. If you are using a striped fabric, you need to be extra careful.

SEW: You are going to sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. {right sides together} You will start sewing from the bottom of your main fabric {short side}. then you will sew the length of the entire open long side. DO NOT sew the border {secondary fabric} closed! You are only sewing 2 sides, NOT three. After all, the pillow needs to get in somehow! = )

After you sew, turn it right side out and give it a test fitting. If the pillow seems way to short for the pillowcase, you may want to decrease the length of the pillowcase a little bit. Simply turn it wrong sides out and sew the bottom of the pillowcase, until it reaches your desired length.

IRON: I always like to iron my projects when they are done. It makes me feel accomplished! However, this is totally optional.

CELEBRATE: Woo Hoo! You did it! How does it look? Post a picture of it on my Facebook page. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it!

pillowcase tutorial 030


pillowcase tutorial 031


pillowcase tutorial 034

Picture only

So here is the thing, I love Pinterest! It’s an obsession. :)

I love all the millions of DIY projects, the delicious looking food, and…well…Everything!

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While on Pinterest, I found this darling picture:

 match jar


The only thing is…is it’s only a darling picture! The website it takes you to does not have the post any longer. Boo Hoo…  

But that didn’t stop me!

I looked at the picture a while and made up my own DIY version.

So without further ado…

The tutorial!

My match jar:

etsy 073

What you need:

·        Small mason jar

·        Decorative paper

·        Matches

·        Large match box with strike strip

·        Hole punch

·        Scissors

·        Glue

·        Pen

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etsy 042

Start with your decorative paper.  Using the lid of the Mason jar, trace a perfect circle onto your paper.

etsy 045

Cut that out.

etsy 065 

Do the same thing with your match box.  Cut or tear the large match box open, so it lays flat.  Taking your lid, once again, trace around it to make a perfect circle. Make sure to include as much of the strike strip as you can.

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etsy 068

The next part is a bit tricky…

Overlap both circles so the match box circle is on top.

Using the edge of the strike strip as my guide, I drew a small line.

{You want your decorative paper to cover everything except the strike strip when you glue it on later} {Pictures will help! I am a visual person :)}

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Finishing drawing the line all the way down.  This is a guide for when you cut!


Cut the smaller half off, and glue it to the side of the match box circle that does not have the strike strip.  Line it up perfectly even and glue in place.


Using the hole punch, make a hole through both circles.

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You’re almost done!

DIY match jar {}

Fill the jar up with matches, replace the flat metal part of the Mason jar lid with the one you just made, and screw on tight!

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Cute? Or what?

To get the matches out, just shake!

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What do you think? Did you make one? How did it turn out?

Tell me by leaving a comment below!

Come back soon!

~Bright Eyes


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