A Quilt a Month: August


Here it is, like I promised! My August Quilt!

I just barely finished my August T-shirt quilt by the time the month was over. I finished the binding 2 days ago, and I am clipping the last 3 or 4 threads off today! :) Enjoy Megan! :)

But surprise surprise! I also finished another quilt! And well……this quilt is three years in the making. Ya, I know. But I haven’t been working on it for three years, Ive been LAZY for three years. I finished the giant black quilt in just a handful of months, but when it came to binding I said “forget it.”

I have been using this quilt for three years and I have never finished the binding! I even WASHED it! (talk about lazy) lol

But last week I finally got out my orange thread out and finished this sucker up!

I know you wanna look….. :)

Quilts 101

Quilts 094

Quilts 109

Quilts 107

and now the giant quilt…

Quilts 063

Quilts 069

Quilts 077

Quilts 080

I used Kaffe Fassett fabrics :) love them!

Quilts 092 Quilts 084

And of course, what makes a Main Man? The willingness to go outside and hold your sister’s quilt of course! #BestBro #MizzenAndMain

Thanks Gunnar! :)

Quilts bro

Hope Y’all like em’!

See ya later! Gotta go start September’s quilt :)

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