A Quilt a Month: September


Here it is, like I promised! My September Quilt!

So this quilt has kind of a sad story behind it. It was a custom request for a gal. She was giving it to a co-worker who was having a baby that would be born with a chromosome disorder. This would mean the baby would only live (at the max) 2 weeks. The quilt was made with super soft minky fabric on the back and frilly lace and satin as the binding. It was the softness girlyest quilt I’ve ever made!

Pray for the sweet family who received the quilt

*tear jerk-er alert*

The baby was born about 2 weeks ago and the little babe only lived for 20 minutes after birth.

I’m so glad, however, that they were able to get the quilt literally a day before the baby was born.

I pray that they seek the LORD in their times of trial.(Psalm 25)

The quilt was so soft and frilly, take a look (:



DSC_0005 DSC_0015

He wouldn’t get out of the way :D

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