Through a new lens:

Bathroom reveal 045I have been asked to start taking pictures of real estate (SO COOL)

I took pictures of my first house on Monday but decided that the lens I currently have will not work. It is great for the outside of homes and for larger rooms and distant photos, but for small halls and tiny spaces I needed a wider angle.

I bought the lens above and received it a few days ago and absolutely love it! If you are not a camera person this might not make sense.

It is a Sigma 10mm-20mm wide angle. Here it is on Amazon.

I was very pleased with the price as well! I have a Nikon D90 and wanted to specifically get a 10mm lens. Unfortunately, the only lenses I could find for a Nikon and size I wanted were in the $800’s to 1,000+

Um, exsqueeze me? Never mind.

Well I looked around some more and found the SIGMA brand and it even worked with my Nikon! It was LESS than $500 and came with so much extra stuff!

Bathroom reveal 047

All in all it is a great lens and a great investment and does exactly what I want it to do. It lets in a lot of light and I cannot wait to start using it in houses! I just had to share my experience and if you are looking around for a wide angle lens without zapping your whole savings account, I would totally recommend the SIGMA!

Bathroom reveal 048

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