Quilt number Two

Guess what my folksies!

I have officially finished quilt number two of 2016!

Puff Quilt

It’s a puff quilt and its puffiness is beyond my comprehension! Can I just roll up into a ball and hibernate with this thing? I mean, it’s four kinds of minky fabric, filled with polyester stuffing, and then cut so it frays into the ultimate fluffiest thing ever!

And it’s PINK….so that adds a handful of more awesomeness.

I made it for a co-worker to give to a friend who is having a little baby girl!

Enjoy, my folks!

  Puff Quilt 025 Puff Quilt 020

Puff Quilt edit

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A quilt a month: June

Here it is, like I promised! My June Quilt!

Just like the dog quilt, this puff quilt is for an itty bitty babe

It is a rag quilt/puff quilt

It is basically a LARGE floor pillow! :)

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A quilt a month: April

Here it is, like I promised! My April Quilt!

Alright, confession! I think I got two of the quilts mixed up in month order haha! For about a month and a half I forgot to post the finished quilt product. (But I honestly did finish one every month)

So technically, THIS is May’s quilt, and May’s quilt is April’s… lol but oh well! I still have one a month :) Enjoy this months er uh next months quilt.

This quilt is one of my favorites! I guess they all are, lol, but this one turned out soooo cute.

It is a custom order rag quilt for a customer’s lil’baby who will be here in August! Ahh! The cuteness is overwhelming 😊

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and show you some pictures:

Dog Quilt 001

Dog Quilt 005Dog Quilt 006Dog Quilt 009


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