International Quilt Show 2015

I went to the international quilt show this past weekend and it was great!!!

I took a handful (about 90) of pictures and want to share them with you!

Enjoy the pics and crazy awesome talent of these quilters:

quilt show 001 quilt show 002 quilt show 003 quilt show 004 quilt show 005

This one below is the frequency of the word “LOVE” quilt show 007 quilt show 008 quilt show 009 quilt show 010 quilt show 011   quilt show 013   quilt show 016

A map quilt:  quilt show 018

Okay so this lady made this quilt…..this you guys is her FIRST QUILT! YA…HER FIRST!!!

It took her 3 entire years to make it!

WOWZERS!quilt show 019 quilt show 020 quilt show 021

How do people even quilt people!?quilt show 023 quilt show 024 quilt show 025

A quilt of hanging quilts on a line of quilts on a quilt….wha?!quilt show 026 quilt show 027 quilt show 028 quilt show 029 quilt show 030 quilt show 031 quilt show 032 quilt show 033

I signed a quilt! Maybe you will see my name in a couple years!quilt show 034

signed the quilt    quilt show 038 quilt show 043 quilt show 047 quilt show 049 quilt show 050    quilt show 054  quilt show 056 quilt show 057 quilt show 058 quilt show 059 quilt show 060 quilt show 061 quilt show 067

This one is made out of sweaters:quilt show 069 quilt show 070 quilt show 071

Below is the GRAND CHAMPION:quilt show 072 quilt show 073 quilt show 074 quilt show 075  quilt show 077 quilt show 078 quilt show 079  quilt show 081 quilt show 082 quilt show 083     quilt show 088

It’s made completely of triangles!triangle quilt


So that’s basically it! Enjoy my dears!

sign it

A Quilt a Month: October


Here it is, like I promised! My October Quilt!

So this picture was actually taken later than October because, well, no reason at all actually. The customer who bought this quilt ordered it in October but has not been able to pick it up yet. Just recently (2016) I decided to add a label on it and go ahead and take pictures. So besides the label just added recently, this quilt was actually done during October.

The back is blue satin and minky fabric.

Simply lovely

Pink and Blue Quilts

Pink and Blue Quilts 00

Pink and Blue Quilts 011

Let me know your thoughts!

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A quilt a month: March

Here it is, like I promised! My March Quilt!

I put this quilt in my shop in Spring just a few hours after I finished it so I only had a few minutes to snap a pic with a phone. 

I really love this quilt, I was going for the stained glass look. The blocks are from a  Ty Pennington charm pack

march quilt WP_20150422_004 WP_20150422_007

Sew Loving Quilt

Easy Peasy Block Quilt

I made this one for Sew loving to keep on EMS trucks. It was successfully given away, and the hospital is asking for more! :) If you would like to help in any way, contact me in the comments below:


Sew Loving 103


Happy National Quilt Day!

Quilt for fair 013

Yes! You read that title right! It is national quilt day today!

For some happy quilt inspiration moments, here are some other sites you could visit:

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