A Wednesday in Florida

We went to Florida a few months ago and I wrote this poem on the plane. I figure “life on Wednesday” is a great place and time to share it! :)

 palm tree

Florida Bound

Written and illustrated by:: Caroline Williams


You haven’t lived until you feel like you can reach the stars,

Miniscule are the things that you once knew as houses and cars.


Coffee stains on a sheet of green and blue,

The yellow and silver wing seen from my airplane view.


Perfect squares of fields and grass, all lined up very straight,

Florida bound, Miami bound, with destiny I have a date.


Complementary tea and cookies, “Yes please I want four,

Ive already eaten six before but HEY! Who’s keeping score?


Boats like little cookie crumbs, rivers like giant snakes,

It should look like this right?! I’m 30,000 feet up for goodness sakes.


We land, no crashes, in the terminal we can be found,

Checking bags, driving off, to Florida we are bound!



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A Poem for Wednesday

dear 5Dear 5

Written & Illustrated by:: Caroline Williams

Dear 5,

You are swell, you’ve never been better,

You’re a toddler in age and E is your letter.


E is for excellence, and that’s what you are,

You make all the other numbers have to raise the bar.


You’re the fingers on my hands and the toes on my feet,

On a score from 1 to 5 you’re a perfect score in skeet!


You’re May in the year and come after 4,

I can get 5 things with you at the town dollar store.


When there’s a problem in math class like what’s 3 plus 2,

We don’t bother to guess, we just look right to you.


You bring oomph to Maroon and our senses you make up,

You’re the average number of wolves born in a litter of pups.


You make up a basketball team, you are above par,

You’re the number of grace and the points on a star.


You’re the number in my family and I bet you a dime,

Every fifth letter of the alphabet probably does rhyme!


Okay, so maybe not, that statement was fickle,

But I didn’t lose much, a dime is just 2 nickels.


You’re a prime number, a pentagon, in Olympics you’re the rings,

You’re the perfect consonant harmony when somebody sings.


Oh 5! There is so much more I could say,

But this poem has to be done at 12 today.


So I’ll close with just this: you’re a great number indeed,

Without you, we wouldn’t have the numbers that proceed.


You are fine!

Signed: Caroline

Original poem by Caroline 2015, All rights reserved ©



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by: Caroline Williams


Mmmmmm….Coffee, friends, and a happy heart,

Waking up each morning with a fresh new start.


Brush my teeth and brush my hair,

Pick out for the day what I will wear.


To Kroger, Hobby Lobby, and home again,

I got food and fabric, it’s a win-win!


My day has started it has begun,

Now to play with my dogs and swim in the sun.


The afternoon hits, it’s sewing and lunch,

Reading, Crafting, or Something to munch!


The evening arrives, time to blog for all y’all,

Whether that post may be big or that post may be small.


Then night rolls around, to a soft bed I have gone,

My head on my pillow, the lights are not on.


So that is my life, on this Wednesday so fare,

I hope you enjoyed it and took a moment to care.


To my friends, to my family, to my readers galore:

“I wish you a happy day and many, many more!


Original poem by Caroline, All rights reserved ©



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