A resolution that will last all year – A Quilter resolution


123newyear.com is completely right in their new year’s quote. You have 365 blank days ahead of you, make each one count and cherish each one.



It is normal to make some new year resolutions on January 1st right? I figure littlebrighteyes.net should do it too! Here they are: Just two.

Nothing too complicated, just two wee resolutions that should last past February. lol (longer than most resolutions) ;D

#1 A quilt a month

This 2015 year, I want to do something amazing… finish projects! Go on…say it… Deep down inside, you want to do this to. Every month I want to focus on finishing a quilt I have buried deep in my closet, or start a new quilt and finish it COMPLETELY. Yeah, I know, I said the quilter’s F word: “Finishing” At the end of every month, I will show you a picture of the quilt I hopefully finished!


#2 A giveaway a month

You’re squealing with delight inside…I just know it! Come back the first Sunday of every month to enter to win awesome prizes. Just for my devoted readers who are reading this post, I will do the math for you, come back January 4th.

See you then


What are some of your resolutions? Shout one or two or three or all of them out below in the comment section, or on Facebook @Sweet16inStitches or even Twitter @DIYCaroline.

Sign it



New Year, New Blog Planner! 2014

It’s a new year! Can you believe it?

With a new year, comes new organization. Blog organization that is!

 New Year, new planner for my blog!  Great IDEA!

New year's blog planner! 2014

Simply print off these blog planner pages and start getting organized.

It’s easy:

     1.     Click on the individual links below

     2.     Print desired number of pages {one for each month}

     3.     Hole punch and place in a binder or folder

     4.     Fill in the month name and dates and other desired information

     5.     You’re organized!

Easy huh?


Hope these help you like they have been helping me!

Have a great day and Happy New Year!!!

Planner Links:

New Year, New Blog Planner

Blog planner calendar


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