My little sewing helpers — Printable

Sometimes, when a sewing mishap happens, you need a little pat on the back, and a “it’s okay” {And usually a mini pocket mommy armed with a seam ripper!}

These M&M’s will hopefully be that “pick meself up” you need when your seams don’t match, or you measured once and cut twice!

Unfourtunantly though, M&Ms don’t carry seam rippers on them.

…because admit it, we all make mistakes = )

Here is a fun and cute little project to brighten up your sewing room. {And it might attract a few other hungry visitors} 058

The only things you NEED are going to be

  •     M&Ms
  •       Cute paper (optional)

If you have a cute little candy dispenser, that would be even better! {I got mine from an antique shop for $8.}

Open up the PDF, and print out the little M&M poem. 054

Cut it out and glue it to a cute piece of paper if you want it to. 055 056 060

Put all of the M&Ms in a candy dispenser and display it and the sign in an adorable little area in your sewing or craft room.

Now of course, you might need to eat more than just one M&M at a time. 057

But it would be fun to see what color you have the most of at the end of a project. I mine as well get rid of all my blue M&Ms, {I can never find any of my tools!}

Hope you love this little project! And hope it doesn’t attract too many hungry little monsters. {You might want to put it on a high shelf. = ) }



~Bright Eyes

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