Princess Quilt

Sometimes, when the sun peeks his little head through the rain droplets on the trees, it is best to stop what you are doing, throw on some rain boots, and go take pictures in a puddle of the quilt you finished last night.

PicMonkey Collage

This is why I love Fridays :)

Jadon's Birthday 043

Jadon's Birthday 022

This quilt would go great with some super cute princess wands that are coming to the shop very soon!

Jadon's Birthday 029

Jadon's Birthday

Jadon's Birthday 031

and sometimes…you look down at the puddle you are randomly standing in and wonder, “what in the world am i doing??”

Oh well

wearing rain boots immediately makes you attracted to giant puddles and very wet things.

Enjoy quilt number 3 of 2016~

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by: Caroline Williams


Mmmmmm….Coffee, friends, and a happy heart,

Waking up each morning with a fresh new start.


Brush my teeth and brush my hair,

Pick out for the day what I will wear.


To Kroger, Hobby Lobby, and home again,

I got food and fabric, it’s a win-win!


My day has started it has begun,

Now to play with my dogs and swim in the sun.


The afternoon hits, it’s sewing and lunch,

Reading, Crafting, or Something to munch!


The evening arrives, time to blog for all y’all,

Whether that post may be big or that post may be small.


Then night rolls around, to a soft bed I have gone,

My head on my pillow, the lights are not on.


So that is my life, on this Wednesday so fare,

I hope you enjoyed it and took a moment to care.


To my friends, to my family, to my readers galore:

“I wish you a happy day and many, many more!


Original poem by Caroline, All rights reserved ©


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First Quilt Ever

My first quilt EVER! Everybody go awwwwwwwww….


This is the quilt that got me started and I’m still doing quilts like this!

It is just basic blocks with a flower border, ‘X’ quilting and hand sewn binding.

I started this quilt in about 2006. I was around 9 or 10 years old and a wonderful lady, who babysat me and my brothers sometimes, could quilt. I wanted to learn, so she taught me how to do the basic: “sewing a straight line”

I got the top together (without the border) and then I don’t really remember details but for some reason we never finished it.

Later, we moved to another city.

It sat in a bag until 2011 when another wonderful lady, who will forever be known as the one who got me into quilting, helped me finish it! She taught me everything I know and I’m so grateful for her :)

Without further ado, here are some pics of my FIRST EVER quilt:

First Quilt

First Quilt 014 First Quilt 015



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Giveaway time – Tacky pack & fabric



I have been gluing a LOT lately, and I mean a lot. Fabric, felt, you name it! Those little noses on my fox and wolf masks are glued on for a professional finished look, and I have been fray checking the ends of one of my unfinished quilts.

What glue did I use?

Aleene’s of course! I love this brand of fabric glue and it holds wonderfully! They also have other kinds of bonding materials. They have fabric glue, flexible stretchable, stop fray, and so much more!  I would love to give you the chance to use all three of these (and maybe some fabric to test it on) How about getting it all for free?



It’s giveaway time!

DIY projects and A Giveway 057

YOU can win this wonderful tacky pack and 1/4 yard of owl fabric all for free!!! This glue is great for all kinds of fabric projects and I’ll even throw in 1/4 yard of fabric for you to test the glues on or to just throw in your fabric stash. :) Entering is easy peasy.

Contest Closes at MIDNIGHT Sunday February 8th 2015

The prize is yours to keep completely FREE if you win!

DIY projects and A Giveway 043 DIY projects and A Giveway 046DIY projects and A Giveway 047 DIY projects and A Giveway 049 DIY projects and A Giveway 048

DIY projects and A Giveway 050 DIY projects and A Giveway 051

DIY projects and A Giveway 052

How to Enter: Only open to US residents

3 simple steps:

  1. For one entry: Leave a comment below on this blog page telling me anything! (even what team you are rooting for in the super bowl) I’m not biased ;)
  2. For an extra entry: Like my Facebook page and comment separately saying you did so. :)
  3. Check back on Monday the 9th to see if you are the winner!


The Prize:

One pack of mini Aleene’s glues (3 in all) and 1/4 yard of adorable owl fabric



Sorry folks, but there can only be one winner.

This special person will be picked at random by: Professor Random

The winners name will be posted on Monday along with their comment.

I will contact you via EMAIL if you won, so please, put your real information. ;) YOU HAVE 72 HOURS TO RESPOND (if you don’t respond with in this time, a new winner will be announced…sorry)

There is no favoritism involved in this drawing, it is all done completely by random!


Thanks for your participation, and Good Luck!

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