Diy Succulent Gift

Diy Succulent Gift

5 dollar gift 041

 Easy peasy gift, I’m serious.

And YES, that does say 5 dollars :)


5 dollar gift 033

So to make this easy little gift, all you need are some paints, a small clay pot, and a succulent + dirt.

I got my succulent at Home Depot for $4.28 :) How exciting is that?! The pot was only $0.78 too

        5 dollar gift 034

First thing is first, paint the pot. You can do all sorts of colors…anything you like, er uh, what your mother likes.

I painted mine black (but I guess you can see that can’t you? heehee)

5 dollar gift 035

I also wanted to give mine a little bit of a modern look with that adorable black & gold color. To do this, just tape off a section of area with masking tape,

5 dollar gift 036

and paint it another coordinating color. In my case, gold!

5 dollar gift 037

Add just a teeny bit more detail to the pot by adding something to the top. I dipped Q-tips into my gold paint and went CRAZY :) (which isn’t that hard for me to do)

5 dollar gift 039 5 dollar gift 040

Replant that cute little fella into his (or her) new pot and BAM!

An adorable lil’ gift for any momma.

And the best thing is these lil’ plants don’t need a lot of care. I recommend doing a bit of research to know how much water they need and such, but other than that, this is a great shelf or coffee table plant.

5 dollar gift 0455 dollar gift 0515 dollar gift


(and don’t forget to tell your mom how much you love her today. Actually, do it right now…I’ll wait)

I love you mom!


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DIY Santa chocolate bar disguise wrap….shhhhh

“Chocolate…what chocolate?”


This is one of my favorite crafts, because not only is it cute, but it also disguises those chocolate bars my brothers are always trying to find.


All you need is some paper, and your chocolate can be safe from those Hershey snatchers too! :)

Let me show you…


What you need:

  • Red paper
  • White paper
  • Black paper
  • Gold or Yellow paper
  • This Pattern – Santa Bar Template
  • 2 black buttons
  • Glue
  • Tape

in case of emergency 002

Start by printing out the pattern and cutting them out of the correct colors. Get creative…use the pattern as a guide and let your scissors make the squiggles in the beard.

candy bar wrap 001

candy bar wrap 002

candy bar wrap 004

candy bar wrap 006

Just like you would wrap a present, cover the Hershey bar in red paper and tape. Card stock is going to be harder to wrap, so use a lighter stock of red paper if available.

candy bar wrap 007

Position the white “coat fluff” if you will, in the middle of the wrapped bar and glue in place.

candy bar wrap 008 candy bar wrap 009

Give me a second….

Okay I’m back. As I’m writing this and uploading the picture of the Hershey bar being wrapped, a Hershey snatcher realizes what is under the Santa disguise (from the picture) and takes off. I just ran about the house trying to save Santa!


It is all good now…he’s saved :)


Anyways, Take the black “belt” and wrap it around Santa’s waist and glue in place, just overlapping the white “coat fluff”.

candy bar wrap 010

Add his beard to the other end

candy bar wrap 012

Keep his pants on with the shiny yellow belt buckle

candy bar wrap 013

And lastly, his 2 buttons.

candy bar wrap 015

candy bar wrap 020


Look at that cutie! All disguised.

This would be a great gift exchange gift or a simple stocking stuffer!

Tell me all about your “Hershey snatchers” and how you disguises came out. I would love to hear about themvia a comment below, via Twitter: @DIYCaroline or via Facebook: Sweet16inStitches

Enjoy, and see you Wednesday the 4th for a GIVEAWAY!!!



Come back this Wednesday!

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