A day in the life of me…

Today was good, today was fun! Tomorrow is another one! (Dr. Seuss)

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Well I stayed up a little longer than I probably should have, but hey! I’m almost done with my gallery wall I spontaneously decided to add in my room. I don’t know if its technically considered a gallery wall though. (In reality I am adding a quote to the top of the wall and then below adding tons of pictures in no real order.) Basically I will just add to the wall as time progresses. If me and friends take a picture I like, I may print it out and staple it to the “gallery.”

I’m almost done cutting out all of these letters individually and adhering them to the wall. Check back SOON to see how it turned out! (FINGERS CROSSED)

Please disregard the “holidays” on the ceiling ( I’m obviously not the best painter lol ). Just keepin’ it real folks!

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