DIY Puppy Dog Bow Tie {No-Sew}

bow tie

My little cutie pie dog doesn’t wear anything! I’m serious! You might have a dog just like him. The only thing he allows on his body is his collar!

So that got me thinking

How about some attire he can wear on his collar, something he won’t notice, and something that won’t bother him.

How about a bow tie?

Even better, how about a NO-sew bow tie?

This tutorial didn’t start out by being a no sew project, but I left my sewing machine in the car, my mom took the car, and I wasn’t patient enough to wait, so I improvised and used hot glue. 

This leads me to my next point….

How about a bow tie that needs no sewing skills whatsoever?!

To make this bow tie, all you are going to need is some

  • Scrap fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue gun

{And glue sticks, but you probably already figured that out =) } 030

Simply cut two pieces of fabric to the measurements given below:

Piece ONE: 12” x 6”

Piece TWO: 5” x 3” 032

Start with your biggest piece: {12” x 6”}

Turn it so it is wrong side up! 034

Fold one half of the fabric half way down. 036

Do the same to the other side 037 038 039

Now fold the two ends into the middle 042

Now to make it look like a bow tie!

Remember those little paper fans you used to make as a kid {or was that just me?} You are going to do the same sort of thing with your fabric.

Fold it into the shape of a “W” 045

 Put a spot of hot glue where the folds meet. This will keep it from unfolding later, so add enough glue! 048

Don’t forget about that small piece!

Do the same sort of thing like you did above. 049 050

But instead of folding the two ends into the middle… 051

…Glue one end onto the middle of the bow tie, and begin to wrap it around. 052

Hold it all in place with another good helping of hot glue! 053

The back! 054
The front! 062

I also had some spare burlap ribbon that I made a bow tie with!

The only thing I did differently was I didn’t fold the fabric in half, because it would not unravel 076

Ta-Da! Make as many as you like! 079

But wait a second, this bow tie is for a dog isn’t it?

Simply hot glue the bow tie onto the collar and


It becomes a doggie bow tie! 089 083

And here is my cutie pie wearing his new outfit!

I made him a green one for Saint Patty’s day, and a spring one for Easter!

He looks so proud!

{That crazy dog…}

So what do you think? Easy?

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