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I’m slowly but surely falling in love with donuts! There are so many things to make on Pinterest that involve donuts! Maybe I should fall in love with some sort of vegetable or salad… but that thought only lasts for a moment or two when the mere notion of a donut comes to mind :)

Sweet little poofy things with silky smooth icing on-top…and, oh yes! Sprinkles! You can’t forget the sprinkles!

Today is a little DIY/printable that involves donuts!

You can do this with your little one and depending on how many you print out, you can make this matching game easier or harder. :)

YAY for donuts! Let’s get started:

All you need for this project is scissors, a hole punch, white card stock, and this printable right here.

Simply print out the donut pages on the white card stock so the ink doesn’t show through.

Cut the donuts out and then using a hole punch to be able to get the scissors through, cut out the middle. This part is optional, but it sure does make them look like donuts! :)

That’s all


1. Mix up the donuts and lay them out randomly upside down without knowing which one is where.

2. Going clockwise, pick two donuts and flip them over. If they don’t match, then re-flip them.

3. If they match, then that player gets another turn. Do this until all of the donuts are flipped over.

(There is only 2 of each color but to make it harder, you can print out enough to  make 4 of a color)

donut 013


Have fun, and tag me in a pic of you playing! @DIYCaroline

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