Guess what my peoples!

I’m introducing a new item to Sweet16inStitches. ONE NEW ITEM of THREE to come!

Kitty Ears!

Glitter kitty ears on a headband that is…

Super excited about the few items that are coming soon and they shall all be revealed this coming week beginning Monday.

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Only 5$

cat ear

DIY Cupcake Toppers

Happy¬† Veteran’s Day! Hope everyone is doing great…and thanks for your service for our country!!!


So I bought some Cupcakes today and I was like: “Hmmmm… I think these need a little more color”…so I whipped up this sweet little tutorial and pattern so you can personalize your own cupcakes too!

Super Super easy….

all you need is:

  • Toothpicks

  • Glue-stick

  • Scissors

Print and cut out the star pattern.

Blog 039

Blog 040

Blog 013

Lay or trace this pattern onto your fancy scrapbook paper and cut out two pieces for every cupcake topper.

Blog 017

Blog 019

Blog 020


Spread glue all over one of the stars and lay the toothpick on the back of one of them, then place the other star over the toothpick, fancy side up.

Blog 021

Let the glue dry completely and that’s it! Literally…you’re done.

Easy Peasy

Now my cupcakes are more colorful and ready to go.

Test out other paper patterns and colors and let me know how they worked out by Tweeting about it @DIYCaroline or post a pic on my Facebook page: Sweet16inStitches.


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