Aggie Power….Horse Power that is!

Because Sweet16inStitches believes every little future AGGIE should have a “12th horse!”
This is one of my favorite Horses I have made so far! It’s so detailed and adorable, perfect for any child! This was one of my small projects I worked on while taking a break from finals (which are TOMORROW!) O_o

This particular horse is also ONLY $35.00! Contact me if you are interested by commenting below or heading over to Etsy or Facebook and let me know you want one! :)

12th Horse 005

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Take your Pick!!! :) and enjoy the evening!


Guess what my peoples!

I’m introducing a new item to Sweet16inStitches. ONE NEW ITEM of THREE to come!

Kitty Ears!

Glitter kitty ears on a headband that is…

Super excited about the few items that are coming soon and they shall all be revealed this coming week beginning Monday.

Check out the kitty ears in my ETSY shop: Sweet16inStitches

Only 5$

cat ear

DIY sign: How to transfer letters

Thinking about Christmas yet? Me too.

Started Christmas shopping yet? Ha! You make me laugh…neither have I

Well guess what, here is a (VERY) easy tutorial to get you started and in the Christmas spirit (YAY!) You can make signs for your neighbors, friends, co-workers, family, cousins, uncles, the Grinch, practically anyone.

(OooOOooooO….and I’ll tell you a secret….come closer….this tutorial isn’t just for this sign………it’s also a tutorial for transferring letters to wood!!!)

Cool beans, I know!

I made this one for a friend who is practically in L O V E with music. She sings it, writes it, plays it, gosh she’s good! And she will probably say something cause I put her name in here but oh well, 😊

“Hello Miss Hannah!”

Okay, are you ready to be filled with DIY knowledge? Here is how:

what you need




  • Wooden board as your sign
  • Paint
  • A phrase printed out in your desired font (like above)
  • Pencil

how to make it



DIY 073

Start by making your sign. I glued 3 different pieces of wood together to make a sign 9.5” x 9.5”. Just use basic wood glue and let dry completely.

Next step is to paint it. Pick a very basic light color as your background. I choose white, and then did my letters in bold colored paint.

Let the paint dry completely (this is always so hard for me. I’m not exactly the most patient crafter in the world)

DIY 074

Here is the part I was telling you about…


Print out your phrase.

DIY 075

DIY 076

Flip over the paper and cover the entire back of the word with pencil graphite. Do this to all of the words.

DIY 078Now place the word where you want it on the sign, and trace.

Yep, THAT easy!

DIY 079

When you lift up the paper, the graphite on the back side should have left a faint line. (I darkened the photo so you can see it on the screen)

DIY 097 DIY 099 DIY 098

That’s how you transfer, now all you have to do is fill in the letters with sharpie or paint. I did paint. You have to go nice and slow but the turn out is lovely dear! I also distressed it with 120 grit sandpaper.

Add a saw tooth picture hanger to the back if you would like it to hang, and voila! You are done sugar plum! Hey that rhymed!

Wait for it…… Wait……Wait……ok,

I’m a poet and I didn’t know it! 😄


Did you like it? Tell me all about it on Twitter @DIYCaroline

Let me see yours!

Have super fun and enjoy.

sign it



Starbucks Card Holder

Who likes coffee?

*587 million people raise their hands*

“I thought so.”


Today’s DIY is a cute little gift card holder for your favorite cup of jo. It can be customized to any color because guess what…It’s made out of paint chips!

Yea, it is basically free to make, here is what you will need:

starbucks 004

-3 paint chips mine were: Sunspark, Dark toast, and Gamma green

-Starbucks cup sleeve

-embroider thread

-Some fun colorful arrows

-Glue stick


starbucks 008

Oh yeah! And a Starbucks card to give to that special person

starbucks 010

I started by gluing my brown paint chip to the back of the green one to cover up those holes. (I assume those are paint testing holes or something. Anyone?

starbucks 011

Then, I glued my yellow chip to the front of the green.

starbucks 013 starbucks 014

With matching (or not) embroidery thread, wrap the coffee sleeve a few times and tie a bow. Glue this down. Seal the bottom edge of the sleeve with a little glue so the card does not fall out.

Add some arrows for a little extra cuteness and BAM! Easy peasy

Let dry completely and you are done!

starbucks 016starbucks 018


Can I see yours? What colors did you use? Tag me @DIYCaroline on Twitter and show off your creations :)

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DIY Graphic Coastal Tee


So this graphic tee is really easy and the turnout will make your jaw drop (“What!? I made that!?”)

No screen printing skills needed!

Here is what you need:



White shirt paint

Freezer paper

and of course…an anchor picture

DIY 012

Blow up a clip art image to the size you want.

DIY 015

Transfer it to freezer paper with a pencil or pen and cut it out. Iron the freezer paper (glossy side down) to your shirt where you want it. Don’t rip up the freezer paper because it doesn’t iron back down as well. Also put a clip board or piece of cardboard in the shirt to keep the paint from leaking. 

DIY 017

With a brush and the paint, sponge it on to the shirt (you may need a few coats) Notice I already ripped a little freezer paper up to check on it :)

DIY 018When it dries, peel off the freezer paper and wear it proudly!

That’s it!

DIY 019

DIY 022 DIY 021


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