Valentine Scratch Off Ticket

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this scratch off ticket method! Birthday, anniversary, baby shower reveal, or in this case: Valentine’s Day!


All you are going to need is a few basic supplies:


  •         Packing tape
  •          Something to write with (pens, markers)
  •        Something to write on (I used index cards, but you can use a pre-made card)
  •         Paint
  •          Liquid dish soap
  •          Paint brush


Scratch off tickets


Scratch off tickets 004

Draw and write on your index card. Draw a shape too! This will be the thing you cover in paint to scratch off later. For example, I drew 3 hearts and wrote a adjective in each.


Scratch off tickets

Now cover your index card (or whatever you are using) with tape. This will provide a slick surface that the paint will rub off of later.

Scratch off tickets

Mix your paint solution. This is one part soap, two parts paint. I usually eyeball it. You do not need very much.


Mix and paint in your shapes. You may need a couple of coats.


Scratch off tickets

Let it dry, and give it to your valentine!


Scratch off tickets

Scratch to reveal the message!


Scratch off tickets



~Bright Eyes

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