More Dog Quilts

People love their dogs don’t they :)

Here are two more matching dog quilts for: Mama Dawg & Lacy

The customer wanted zebra and dog fabric, so this is what I made:

Karla's Quilts 017

Karla's Quilts 008 Karla's Quilts 012 Karla's Quilts 011 Karla's Quilts 013


DIY simple block quilt

Here is what the quilt is going to look like when it is all finished: Perfect for a little kid to wrap up in.

DIY Quilt


Sew Loving Quilt Pattern

The finished size will be roughly: 42” x 47”

Each square is 6 1/2″ big to allow for 1/4” seam allowance

The border is 3 1/4” wide: Cut 4


Without further ado, the tutorial you have all been waiting for:


For this quilt, all you are going to need is:

  • 2 yards of color A
  • 2 yards of color B
  • Crib size batting (I recommend this kind: Click ME)

lego videos 1222

Start with your fabric.I will refer to my fabric as fabric A and B.

Fabric A = Yellow polka dots

Fabric B = Grey Swirls

lego videos 1226

Start with one of your fabric colors. I am using fabric A. This doesn’t matter to much, because you are going to do the same thing to both colors.

Fold the fabric in half so it is really long and the selvedges meet on one side.  It should be 2 yards long. Lay it on the table.

lego videos 1227Line up your ruler just shy of the fold, and even with the raw edges. We will be using a 6 1/2 inch ruler for this quilt to allow for 1/4 inch seam allowance on each side.

lego videos 1229

Begin cutting! I know it’s scary, but just go slow and you will be fine. You are going to cut the fold off, and go around the ruler with your rotary cutter cutting a 6 1/2” square.

lego videos 1230

lego videos 1232

You should end up with 2 squares, because your fabric should be folded in half.

lego videos 1234

Keep doing this all the way down the width of the fabric, cutting two squares at a time. As you can see in the picture above, I had about 2” of the selvedge side left over.

When you finish one row of the fabric, you should have 6 squares.

Do this again and again with color A until you have 21 squares.

lego videos 1236

lego videos 1238

Do the same thing with color B.

Fold it so it is super long, lay it on the table.

lego videos 1239

lego videos 1240

Line up your ruler so it is almost even with the raw edge and the fold…

Etsy Shop Banner 002

And cut away! You need to do the exact same thing as with color A.


Cut row after row until you have 21 squares all 6 1/2 inches.

Etsy Shop Banner 019

You are going to want to lay them out like you would have them sewn together. This will minimize confusion and is a great habit to start. The quilt is going to be 6 squares by 7 squares.

Can you believe it! It’s already time to sew!

If you have all your blocks laid out, grab the first one and lay it over the one beside it {Wrong sides together}

You will sew with a 1/4” seam allowance, joining those two blocks together, so when they come off the sewing machine they will lay exactly how they were originally.

For example: In the picture above, I sewed on the left of that upside down block.


Etsy Shop Banner 030

You can chain piece if you want to save on thread!


Here is what one row should look like.

Sew all rows to look like this, you should end up with 7


Now you need to sew those seven rows together, making sure to alternate the colors…like the picture below.

Make sure to match up the seams, like the picture directly above. You are going to need to use pins most likely. {To hold it in place}

So this is what it should look like. 6 squares x 7 squares.

I know your just dying for a pair of socks like mine, aren’t you? = )

Here is a tip you might want to know: Fabric A is going to be your squares, border, binding, and back stripe.

Fabric B is going to be your squares and main back fabric.

So depending on what colors you chose, fabric A is what we are going to talk about next, because…it’s time to cut the border pieces!

*Happy Dance*

Alright peoples, lay fabric A on the table so that it is still folded in half with the extra block piece looking thing at the top {The part that would have been two extra squares, but weren’t needed so you should not have cut them off}

Starting from that side, the side with the extra fabric and also the side without the fold, Measure out 3 1/4”. You are going to cut the length of the fabric twice.

Etsy Shop Banner 054If Fabric A is still folded like it should be, you should end up with 4 identical l o o o o n g strips…these are your borders.


Lay your quilt top out on a table along with one border piece. You are going to start with the longest side of the quilt. This will be the side that is 7 squares long.


Fold the border over onto the quilt, so right sides are together. It should be way over the length of the quilt.


Etsy Shop Banner 059

Put a couple of pins into it to hold it in place and then simply sew a 1/4 inch line down the length of the quilt and border. Do the exact same thing to the opposite long side.

Etsy Shop Banner 060

Etsy Shop Banner 061

Cut off the excess border with a ruler and rotary cutter. Make it straight!

It should look like the picture below.


Ta-Da! Hopefully yours looks like this!

But of course, a quilt would look silly with just two borders, so…

add two more where there are none! Simply do what you did a second ago, overlapping the first borders like above. Cut off the excess.


Does yours look like this? If it does congrats! Your quilt top is finished… If your quilt top doesn’t look like this, I am afraid you might need to go find the seam ripper.

At this point, grab your quilt top and Fabric B aka: the back.

Measure these up against each other. {Just eyeball it} The back should be a few inches wider than your quilt top, but as you can probably see, it is to short. Never fear! We are going to add a 10” strip of Fabric A into the mix to make the back longer.

Here is how we are going to do it!

The sides with the selvedge on them should be at the top and bottom of your quilt, and should also be the area that is to short.

Etsy Shop Banner 068

Etsy Shop Banner 072

Starting from one selvedge, measure 10” towards the other selvedge edge and cut.

Ps: Yes, I moved my measuring tape before I cut. heehee! =)

I really hope this is all making sense. If it’s not, please ask in the comment section below, for the benefit of everyone else as well as you.

If your doing this right, and I’m explaining everything clearly, you should have a piece of Fabric B 10” x 45” and another piece of Fabric B about 34” x 45”

Now for that strip of Fabric A that ends up in the back:

Open up your Fabric A and cut a strip 10” by the width, which should be 45”

Put the rest of the fabric aside, this will be your binding later.


Now you are going to sew all three of those pieces (2 B FAbrics and one A Fabric) together in the order of:

10” B fabric        sewn to

10” A Fabric      sewn to

34″ B Fabric      all right sides together and 1/4” seam allowance.

It should make this:

It should be plenty big for your quilt top!

Go ahead and cut the binding while you have your tools out.


Etsy Shop Banner 081

You shouldn’t have to much fabric left. Take Fabric A and fold it in half so it is very long.

Measure out a 2 1/2” strip starting from the raw edge. This should make two 45” long strips when you cut.

Cut 4

Sew Loving 046Take two of the strips you cut and put the widths right sides together and sew a quick line. Pick up the other end of one of those strips and a new one and do the same thing.

Do this until you have a SUPER long strip of fabric.

Sew Loving 041

Sew Loving 042

Put your long strip onto the ironing board and iron it in half, wrong sides together, so the raw edges meet. 

Sew Loving 068You should have something like this! Just put it aside for now, and we will start basting.

You usually finish basting and quilting the quilt completely before adding the binding..which is what we are going to do.

Sew Loving How to baste a quilt:

There are a few ways to do this. I prefer spray basting, but it can get expensive when you baste as much as I do, so on small quilts I use the pinning method.

I am going to show you the spray basting method, however, because in my opinion, it is easier. Feel free to baste how you like though!

You are going to need spray basting, duh, but I guess you already figured that out.

I prefer Sullivan’s spray, it is in my opinion the best spray out there.


Sew Loving

Lay out your quilt with the batting underneath. Make sure everything fits.

Ps: I had to do this process outside because, though this is a wonderful method, it stinks terribly!


Sew Loving

Lift up one side of the quilt about 8 – 12 inches.


Sew Loving 052

And give a light coat of the spray directly onto the batting. Keep your bottle slightly away so it spreads evenly.

Note: This stuff is sticky, so if you are worried about your table or floor, well……

(Mine usually comes off with water, but I am not recommending to spray baste on a 7000 dollar imported Persian rug.)


Sew Loving 053 Sew Loving 054

Fold the fabric back down and smooth it out. It should stick like a good coat of hairspray when you try to lift the fabric up.


Sew Loving 055 Sew Loving 056 Sew Loving 057 Sew Loving 058

Turn around and lift the whole other side of the quilt up. Fold it back. Do like you did above and give a light coat of spray to about 12” of batting. Fold and smooth about 12” of the fabric and do it again until the whole quilt top is basted well.


Sew Loving Do the same to the back, making sure that stripe isn’t catywompus, and everything is facing the right way.


Once all is securely down, you can get creative and quilt it however you want! I usually just do X’s in some or all the squares. 

Sew Loving 060

After the quilting is done, cut off the excess batting.


Sew Loving

Sew Loving

A wonderful lady came to help in my cutting process, a ladybug that is! = )


Sew Loving 068

Okay, back to the binding.

Sew Loving 069

When you put binding on, you will attach it to the back and all raw edges are going to be facing one way. As you can see in the picture above, the raw edges of my folded binding is flush with the raw floppy edges of my quilt.

Start in the middle of one side of the quilt. You need to leave about a 8 – 10” excess that you will use later, this part is not going to be sewed right now.

See the PIN?

Sew Loving 070That is where I start my sewing needle. Sew Sew Sew all the way down the side until you get to those daunting corners! Stop 1/4” away from the edge and lift up your needle.

Here is how you fold the corners and sew them. It’s as easy as 1 2 3!

Sew Loving 076 Sew Loving 077

Sew Loving 079 Sew Loving 080 Sew Loving 084


Sew Loving 087 Sew Loving 088 Sew Loving 089 Sew Loving 090

Sew Loving 092 Sew Loving 093 Sew Loving 094 Sew Loving 095

Sew Loving 097

Remember that little tail I told you to leave? Well when you have sewn all around the quilt, stop about 8 inches away from that tail so you have a 8 inch gap.

Here’s how to join those two ends:

Grab them both and pinch them as close to the quilt as possible, making sure not to rumple the quilt. (I’m a picture person, so I included lots of pictures above)

Put a pin where your fingers were and sew a line where the pin is. Take the pin out as you sew!

Make sure it is the right length and then cut off the excess, iron the seam open and then sew that 8” gap shut like you have been doing.


Sew Loving 101 Sew Loving 102I have good news, your practically done! Flip the binding over to the back and hand stitch or machine stitch it down. I prefer hand stitching. (Second pic) Either will work for the Sew Loving quilts, just make sure the hand stitching is secure if you decide to go with that option.

Add a label, and give it a quick wash and dry!

DIY Quilt


You Did It! Congrats! Thank you sew sew much for reading! Just one more thing left to do if you would be so kind!

I am guessing all of you are on at least one social media site. So my challenge to you is to get the word out to the world. Please post it, tweet it, hash-tag it, picture-a-fy it. Whatever you do, share it pretty please. And if you could tag @DIYCaroline in that Twitter post, that would be like AWESOME!


Thanks again!

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