A quilt a month: April

Here it is, like I promised! My April Quilt!

Alright, confession! I think I got two of the quilts mixed up in month order haha! For about a month and a half I forgot to post the finished quilt product. (But I honestly did finish one every month)

So technically, THIS is May’s quilt, and May’s quilt is April’s… lol but oh well! I still have one a month :) Enjoy this months er uh next months quilt.

This quilt is one of my favorites! I guess they all are, lol, but this one turned out soooo cute.

It is a custom order rag quilt for a customer’s lil’baby who will be here in August! Ahh! The cuteness is overwhelming 😊

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and show you some pictures:

Dog Quilt 001

Dog Quilt 005Dog Quilt 006Dog Quilt 009


What do you think?

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Organize your puppy (DIY treat holder)

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

-Charles M. Schultz




You just got a puppy right? Or maybe you are getting ready to buy one? Oh I hope you are! Puppies are so fun!

If you are reading this after you got a wee fur ball, you probably already bought tons of stuff for him or her. A crate, toys, treats, everything the Petco guy told you to get.

But now it’s everywhere, especially the loose treat bags, huh?

Here is a quick solution that looks great in the process.

before and after


All you need is a JAR and RUB-ON LETTERS


How to make it:

This is simple simple!

Simply follow the instructions on the back of you rub-on letters and voila!

I choose to use the words that described my puppies best when they want a treat. :)

DIY projects and A Giveway 002DIY projects and A Giveway 005 DIY projects and A Giveway 012

DIY projects and A Giveway 013 DIY projects and A Giveway 014

PS: while I was taking pictures, they came over and each took a turn begging. lol

Check out some other puppy organizing tips below:

Leash holder


What words did you use? Tell me below in the comment section, or on Twitter @DIYCaroline


DIY dog bone leash holder – simple and stylish…the best combination

Sometimes we put our great treasures in museums, other times, we take them on walks.


If you know me, you know about my adorable puppy dogs! I’m kinda that crazy lady who posts picture after picture on Facebook of the little fur balls :)

They have started to get bigger and it was time to start taking them on walks.

Time to show them the ropes (no pun intended)

They needed a place for leashes, so I made something, and want to share it with you:

dog leash holder

[insert text here] 122

“HAHA! I sneaked a picture of Maximus in! or is it snuck…sneck…sneekeded?”

::fist pump::

what you need




  • 1 1/4” white cup hooks or any other hook (white cup hooks were only $2 for a pack of 2)
  • Wood
  • Paint (optional)
  • Picture hanger

how to make it




This is a really simple DIY. Literally, 5 steps!

Don’t believe me?

Challenge accepted…

[insert text here]

1. Draw a bone shape onto a piece of wood and cut it out with a jigsaw. I actually used an old shelf that was about to go into the trash, so this part was free!

2. Sand the edges smooth

3. Paint if desired (Since this is optional, I shouldn’t even count this as a step, right?)

4. Center and hand screw the cup hooks into the bone shape

5. Add the picture hanger to the back and hang! BAM! 5 steps! bwhahaha

[insert text here] 131 [insert text here] 135 [insert text here] 134 [insert text here] 133 [insert text here] 128



How do your leashes look? Good, I bet! Hope you like it, and don’t hesitate to send me a pic on Facebook @Sweet16inStitches of your item and be featured in an upcoming post!

Like and share and I will be eternally grateful :)



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