DIY confetti (looks so good you could eat it)


What is a better combination? Who knows…probably nothing.


DIY confetti

what you need



  • Scrapbook paper
  • 1” punch
  • Regular hole punch
  • Sack
  • Glue
  • Pen

It sounds like a lot, I know, but this is also a mini tutorial on how to make a cute little coordinating bag :)


Okie doke, so….

DIY FUN 008 DIY FUN 013 DIY FUN 011 DIY FUN 010 To make the confetti, all you need to do is punch a bunch of circles out with your 1” whole punch. Seriously…BAM, done.

Now don’t you just want to get a spoon and eat it!? I mean, it’s glitter and confetti, all rolled into one! How could you not want to take a bite? I mean, is that just me who eats glitter for breakfast? :)


Now for storage. You can’t just throw this kind of confetti into a plastic sandwich baggie and hope for the best, you want to store that glittery awesomeness in something, so how about a darling bag?

I got my pink one at HEB actually. 25 cents…what could be better than having the cashier say: “your grand total is one quarter.”

Nothing! That’s what. :)DIY FUN 015

Where that flap lands, (The dark shadow in the pic) cut a straight line across so you are able to stick something all the way through (like a tunnel)



Fold one of the ends up and glue in place (about an inch)

So now only one end should be open, kind of like, well, a bag :)


Punch some little coordinating circles out and glue on the bag to add a little touch of personality.


Finally, add in the confetti and seal the bag with a 1” white circle glued on the open flap that reads: “confetti”


Your done! This would be great to give on New Years eve or Birthday parties or just to throw up in your room (not that I did that or anything…)

Have a marvelous day and tell me what you think below in the comment section

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