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Shipped the first October/December orders this week! I can’t wait for all of the exciting new upgrades and news to come these next few months!


Christmas is just around the corner! Gather those turkeys! Cover yourself in glitter! And hold on! Its about to get awesome….

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Starbucks Card Holder

Who likes coffee?

*587 million people raise their hands*

“I thought so.”


Today’s DIY is a cute little gift card holder for your favorite cup of jo. It can be customized to any color because guess what…It’s made out of paint chips!

Yea, it is basically free to make, here is what you will need:

starbucks 004

-3 paint chips mine were: Sunspark, Dark toast, and Gamma green

-Starbucks cup sleeve

-embroider thread

-Some fun colorful arrows

-Glue stick


starbucks 008

Oh yeah! And a Starbucks card to give to that special person

starbucks 010

I started by gluing my brown paint chip to the back of the green one to cover up those holes. (I assume those are paint testing holes or something. Anyone?

starbucks 011

Then, I glued my yellow chip to the front of the green.

starbucks 013 starbucks 014

With matching (or not) embroidery thread, wrap the coffee sleeve a few times and tie a bow. Glue this down. Seal the bottom edge of the sleeve with a little glue so the card does not fall out.

Add some arrows for a little extra cuteness and BAM! Easy peasy

Let dry completely and you are done!

starbucks 016starbucks 018


Can I see yours? What colors did you use? Tag me @DIYCaroline on Twitter and show off your creations :)

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