DIY Graphic Coastal Tee


So this graphic tee is really easy and the turnout will make your jaw drop (“What!? I made that!?”)

No screen printing skills needed!

Here is what you need:



White shirt paint

Freezer paper

and of course…an anchor picture

DIY 012

Blow up a clip art image to the size you want.

DIY 015

Transfer it to freezer paper with a pencil or pen and cut it out. Iron the freezer paper (glossy side down) to your shirt where you want it. Don’t rip up the freezer paper because it doesn’t iron back down as well. Also put a clip board or piece of cardboard in the shirt to keep the paint from leaking. 

DIY 017

With a brush and the paint, sponge it on to the shirt (you may need a few coats) Notice I already ripped a little freezer paper up to check on it :)

DIY 018When it dries, peel off the freezer paper and wear it proudly!

That’s it!

DIY 019

DIY 022 DIY 021


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