First Packages Sent for the Season


Shipped the first October/December orders this week! I can’t wait for all of the exciting new upgrades and news to come these next few months!


Christmas is just around the corner! Gather those turkeys! Cover yourself in glitter! And hold on! Its about to get awesome….

Till next time peeps,


DIY sign: How to transfer letters

Thinking about Christmas yet? Me too.

Started Christmas shopping yet? Ha! You make me laugh…neither have I

Well guess what, here is a (VERY) easy tutorial to get you started and in the Christmas spirit (YAY!) You can make signs for your neighbors, friends, co-workers, family, cousins, uncles, the Grinch, practically anyone.

(OooOOooooO….and I’ll tell you a secret….come closer….this tutorial isn’t just for this sign………it’s also a tutorial for transferring letters to wood!!!)

Cool beans, I know!

I made this one for a friend who is practically in L O V E with music. She sings it, writes it, plays it, gosh she’s good! And she will probably say something cause I put her name in here but oh well, 😊

“Hello Miss Hannah!”

Okay, are you ready to be filled with DIY knowledge? Here is how:

what you need




  • Wooden board as your sign
  • Paint
  • A phrase printed out in your desired font (like above)
  • Pencil

how to make it



DIY 073

Start by making your sign. I glued 3 different pieces of wood together to make a sign 9.5” x 9.5”. Just use basic wood glue and let dry completely.

Next step is to paint it. Pick a very basic light color as your background. I choose white, and then did my letters in bold colored paint.

Let the paint dry completely (this is always so hard for me. I’m not exactly the most patient crafter in the world)

DIY 074

Here is the part I was telling you about…


Print out your phrase.

DIY 075

DIY 076

Flip over the paper and cover the entire back of the word with pencil graphite. Do this to all of the words.

DIY 078Now place the word where you want it on the sign, and trace.

Yep, THAT easy!

DIY 079

When you lift up the paper, the graphite on the back side should have left a faint line. (I darkened the photo so you can see it on the screen)

DIY 097 DIY 099 DIY 098

That’s how you transfer, now all you have to do is fill in the letters with sharpie or paint. I did paint. You have to go nice and slow but the turn out is lovely dear! I also distressed it with 120 grit sandpaper.

Add a saw tooth picture hanger to the back if you would like it to hang, and voila! You are done sugar plum! Hey that rhymed!

Wait for it…… Wait……Wait……ok,

I’m a poet and I didn’t know it! 😄


Did you like it? Tell me all about it on Twitter @DIYCaroline

Let me see yours!

Have super fun and enjoy.

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Merry Christmas! from littlebrighteyes


Merry Christmas!

from little bright eyes



This post is missing YOU!

comment below and tell me how your Christmas was.

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GIVEAWAY TIME! Anthropologie sewing kit (ended)

If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams

and you will always look lovely.

-Roald Dahl


Check out the winner here!

Giveaway December 2014. Head over to to enter!

Have you ever chocked on a price?

I mean not literally chocked on a price tag or anything…I mean maybe you’re hypothetically eating minestrone soup, and then hypothetically you stumble upon, and then maybe…just maybe, you hypothetically look at a price tag and then almost choke to death cause it’s crazy expensive!? Hypothetically speaking of course…

anthro sewing kit

Well you might have seen this picture floating around Pinterest

It is anthropology’s mason jar sewing kit. It is no longer available (maybe because it is easy to DIY) but when it was, it was almost 50 big green ones! I wanted to make my own:

blog giveaway December 059 blog giveaway December 061

Christmas is coming up and this would be a great gift! But hey! How about getting it for free?



It’s giveaway time!

anthropologie knock off

YOU can win this adorable look alike mason jar sewing kit!!! The one on the LEFT is Anthropologies….and the one on the RIGHT is mine.

Contest Closes at MIDNIGHT Sunday December 7th 2014

$48.00 Value, yours completely FREE if you win!

blog giveaway December 101


How to Enter:

3 simple steps:

  1. Pin the image directly above (easy enough right?)
  2. Leave a comment below on this blog page telling me your favorite thing about Christmas!
  3. Check back on Monday the 8th to see if you are the winner!

What this kit includes:

A handmade pincushion lid tops off everything you need to stitch and mend. Includes two spools of thread, thimble, safety pins, needle threader, straight pins, measuring tape, sewing needles and gold painted scissors.


blog giveaway December 071 blog giveaway December 072 blog giveaway December 073 blog giveaway December 074


Sorry folks, but there can only be one winner.

This special person will be picked at random by: Professor Random

The winners name will be posted on Monday along with their comment.

I will contact you via EMAIL if you won, so please, put your real information. ;) YOU HAVE 72 HOURS TO RESPOND (if you don’t respond with in this time, a new winner will be announced…sorry)

There is no favoritism involved in this drawing, it is all done completely by random!


Thanks for your participation, Good Luck!

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DIY Santa chocolate bar disguise wrap….shhhhh

“Chocolate…what chocolate?”


This is one of my favorite crafts, because not only is it cute, but it also disguises those chocolate bars my brothers are always trying to find.


All you need is some paper, and your chocolate can be safe from those Hershey snatchers too! :)

Let me show you…


What you need:

  • Red paper
  • White paper
  • Black paper
  • Gold or Yellow paper
  • This Pattern – Santa Bar Template
  • 2 black buttons
  • Glue
  • Tape

in case of emergency 002

Start by printing out the pattern and cutting them out of the correct colors. Get creative…use the pattern as a guide and let your scissors make the squiggles in the beard.

candy bar wrap 001

candy bar wrap 002

candy bar wrap 004

candy bar wrap 006

Just like you would wrap a present, cover the Hershey bar in red paper and tape. Card stock is going to be harder to wrap, so use a lighter stock of red paper if available.

candy bar wrap 007

Position the white “coat fluff” if you will, in the middle of the wrapped bar and glue in place.

candy bar wrap 008 candy bar wrap 009

Give me a second….

Okay I’m back. As I’m writing this and uploading the picture of the Hershey bar being wrapped, a Hershey snatcher realizes what is under the Santa disguise (from the picture) and takes off. I just ran about the house trying to save Santa!


It is all good now…he’s saved :)


Anyways, Take the black “belt” and wrap it around Santa’s waist and glue in place, just overlapping the white “coat fluff”.

candy bar wrap 010

Add his beard to the other end

candy bar wrap 012

Keep his pants on with the shiny yellow belt buckle

candy bar wrap 013

And lastly, his 2 buttons.

candy bar wrap 015

candy bar wrap 020


Look at that cutie! All disguised.

This would be a great gift exchange gift or a simple stocking stuffer!

Tell me all about your “Hershey snatchers” and how you disguises came out. I would love to hear about themvia a comment below, via Twitter: @DIYCaroline or via Facebook: Sweet16inStitches

Enjoy, and see you Wednesday the 4th for a GIVEAWAY!!!



Come back this Wednesday!

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