DIY “together forever” gloves

“Together Forever” Gloves

Why are they called this? Well…separately, they don’t look like anything. Together though, they reveal the intended shape chickadee!


together forever gloves

What you need:

Emma Grace's quilt 009

All you got to do is cut out your shape from felt. Cut that shape completely in half.

Emma Grace's quilt 010

Emma Grace's quilt 011

Put one half (in my case the heart) on one of the gloves…pinky side, not thumb side.

Sew all around the shape with embroidery thread, making sure you don’t sew both sides of the glove together…take it from my experience. Haha. It was definitely a shock, Haha!

Do the same thing to the other glove, sewing the shape to the pinky side, not thumb side.

When you put your hands together, they make the shape! Next pair I make is going to be a dachushound! Won’t that be cute? I included the pattern piece in the pattern above.


How did yours turn out? Can I see?

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DIY Texting Gloves

lol, Smiley Face!


Hiya everyone! Today I want to show you how to make a really simple stocking stuffer for those special people on your list.

Texting Gloves

yup…I didn’t think they were a real thing either ;)

These gloves help you text while still keeping your fingers toasty warm!

You want to make them? Good! They cost LESS than 5$ a pair (way less than others online) and are as easy as 1, 2, 3…

texting gloves

What you need:

  • Pair of gloves (1-2 dollars at Walmart)
  • Puffy paint (any color…roughly $1.50 with a Hobby Lobby coupon)

1. All you gotta do is lay your gloves on a flat surface…

Emma Grace's quilt 026

2. Add some puffy paint to the fingers (do this lightly so the paint dries flat, not….well…puffy. lol)

3. Let dry


Cost: $5

Time: 15 minutes + dry time

Level: Beginner


Literally three steps folks! Have a super fun time making them!

I would LOVE to see yours. Send me a pic and tag @DIYCaroline or Facebook and tag @Sweet16inStitches


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