A Discussion of City & Country on This Wednesday

by: Caroline Williams

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From city to county to city again, a lot of y’all know me personally and can say for sure that “yepperz…she was country all the way.” I was. Chickens, a well, galoshes, a red barn, eating watermelon and playing outside constantly, even a country fence! I mean, how much more country can you get, other than owning a cow?

Then, in 2013 we moved back to the city. We’re talking pools, close people in other houses, (people call these people neighbors). And boy we have them. :) Golf courses, home owner associations, giant Cadillac cars driving around, the works!

An essay prompt by BlazeWifi has asked the question: “What do you prefer, city life or country life?” I am here to answer that question: “Country life.” it’s my favorite style of living, and thanks to BlazeWifi, I have the opportunity to tell you why I prefer the country, and the perks and downfalls of both City life and Country living.

Because I have lived both the City and country lifestyle, I would love 5 minutes of your Wonderful tome to tell you the benefits and drawbacks of each. All of the experiences you are about to Read are 100% true. Here we go:

Cotton picking time! 038

City: I do admit, the city has its perks. You can spend countless hours with the neighborhood kids playing freeze tag, having block parties, and just having good quality time with the people who are literally closest to you.

In the city, you have the convenience of nearby hospitals, stores, workplaces, restaurants, and more. However, the city does have its downfalls, and I believe they slightly outweigh the perks of living in a city. Although there is more opportunity for jobs, these jobs are being competed for by hundreds of others. The cost of living is usually higher and depending on where you live, some have to pay for amenities they don’t even use, for example, golf courses, pool maintenance, home owner associations, etc. While these areas can be a fun part of owning a home in the city, prices will always be higher than in the country. Because I have lived in the city for most of my life, I can say that people are the biggest drawback of city life. Don’t get me wrong, people are great, I love y’all, it is just that once you move to the country for a while and then come back to the concrete jungle, people seem to be everywhere. There is constant traffic, road construction, honking, wrecks, crime, the list can go on. It is always a struggle to get to school with all the road closers and to watch as the trees slowly disappear to make room for more homes is disheartening. All of the people and cars cause pollution, and pollution is the major disadvantage to urban life.

Cotton picking time! 014

Country: In the country, I feel as though you have more opportunity as a youth. There is livestock 4H, the opportunity to raise animals and show them, something you would not be able to do in the city. There is also not as much pollution, and the entire atmosphere is much more peaceful. In the country there is peace and tranquility, low crime-rates, open space and clean air, the ability to grow your own food, raise animals, and the people are usually friendlier. This was actually a major shock the first time driving down our little (but loooooong) country road. We were driving along and WHOA! Was that someone’s hand that just made a flapping motion in the other vehicle? Somebody had waved! And there goes another, the absolute shock of friendly people was flabbergasting. As years went by, we got used to the friendliness of folks and their willingness to help for nothing in return.

As a youth, I felt that living in the country was probably the best thing for us. We three kids had the ability to do lots of things we wouldn’t be able to do in the city with homeowner associations watching our every move. Raising chickens was probably my favorite, coming in every morning with dozens of eggs, being able to experience firsthand a fresh (and I’m talking still soft) egg, the hatching of chicks, and how even hens can come to like a person, as they would always follow me around the whole yard.

Country living is by far my favorite method of lifestyle because of all these reasons. However, there are some disadvantages to this great life. One word, Pests. Mosquitoes, snakes, field mice, stray animals, and flies, OH THE FLIES! These were the most bothersome factor by living in the country. Weather and drive time were also a major disadvantage, but once you get out amongst the trees and the peaceful clean air, these paltry things (hee hee sounds like poultry) don’t seem so bad.

Cotton picking time! 042 Cotton picking time! 044

I know what you’re thinking: “Why did you move back to the city?” Really only one reason, the house was too small. :) It was time for an upgrade and with our budget and time, we couldn’t find a house fast enough with land, so the city it was. It isn’t too bad considering our large yard, but we do all miss the chickens.

So as you house search, just keep in mind that both the city and country have their advantages and problems. I find the city to have more problems, hence my love of the country, but your choice depends on your personality. Are you willing to get dirty or do you prefer the convenience of shopping centers? If you don’t know the answer, a few months in the country will definitely bring it out.


Do you prefer the city or country? Tell me in the comment section below!

Have a wonderful Wednesday Y’all


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