DIY Mini Pinata

Who likes candy!?


Who likes hitting things with a great big stick?!


Then this pinata is a perfect DIY project for you!

Woop woop let’s get started:

DIY pinata

What you need:


  • Cardboard box
  • Candy
  • Tape
  • tissue paper or crepe paper
  • Scissors


Cut out two identical shapes. I chose the classic donkey look, of course. Here is the pattern I made, but it is slightly large, so you are going to need a big box (I used an Under Armour shoe box)



Cut a strip of cardboard (mine was 2.5” wide) and following the shape of your pinata, make a sort of box using lots of tape.


On the piece not yet attached, cut out a little “door” for all that candy goodness to get stuffed in.

fill the pinata

Assemble on the open end and stuff that sucker with candy galore!

Seal off the “door” with tape

DIY FUN 084Just as you did with the toot horns, cut about a 2” wide piece of tissue paper, cut it to look like fringe, and then hot glue around the pinata, starting with the legs and overlapping every time you move up.

It will look like this (hopefully) when you are done:

it's done!

That’s all folks! And don’t forget to check out my “Birthday in a Box” tutorial where you can stick this cute little pinata in for a unique and fun gift! :)


sign it

DIY balloon invitation (blow up and pop)

Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, and believe the one reason why it will.


Tons of awesomeness is happening soon! To start, lil’bro is getting older on March 8th!

Happy Birthday Pal!

Also, I’m going to share a bedroom tutorial with you! Just between me and you, I’m redoing lil’bro’s room and I am going to surprise him with the finished product soon. :) I think I’m the one who is extra excited!!!

There will be a DIY tutorial for an industrial coffee table, a solid wood bed for under 50$, coasters, and more! Come back often to check all of these things out. Oooooooor……search for what your looking for in the search bar on the right side of the screen! –>

Today though, it is invitation time! To have a birthday, you have to send out invitations, so how about making some cute ones? These invitations are pop-able too! Want to know more? Read on Chickadee:



All you need to make each invitation is:

Dog bath January 2015 081


That’s all! Print out the card on the card stock of your choice

Dog bath January 2015 082

Cut the invitation details to size, roll up like a diploma, tie with string and stuff into the balloon

Dog bath January 2015 083

Poke two little holes in the invitation small enough to keep the balloon “neck” in place. Measure if needed.

Dog bath January 2015 088

With the party details inside, tie the balloon to the card with DIY bakers twine or other string.

Dog bath January 2015 087

Dog bath January 2015 084Add a coordinating pin at the bottom.

Your friends are ready to go blow and pop! Hand them out, and close your ears for the loud popping soon to happen. ‘_’

Dog bath January 2015 091  Dog bath January 2015 093

Dog bath January 2015 094


I would LOVE for you to share this on Facebook or Twitter, and show me how yours turned out and be featured in an upcoming blog post

See ya later alligator!


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