How to olden a frame

hmm… is olden even a word?

oh well, it is now

boring to awesomeness

I can’t believe it turned out this great! It was more of a: “hope for the best” kind of project and I think it came out the best!

The frame I started with was just a regular old slick black (I think fake wood) frame. Not much to it. But with a little spray paint, stain, and sanding, it turned into an old looking frame. “olden-a-fied”

PS: It took less than a day

First thing is first: spray that fella (the frame not your brother) with about two coats of spray paint. I used an olden looking color in a very olden can of spray paint. I was going to use white spray paint but I used all of that up a few hours earlier. After you spray, it will look basically like a spray painted frame.

Now to olden it up a bit. Take 80 grit sandpaper and scuff it up. As you can see in the first picture, the black areas is where I sanded. I did this randomly, as should you, don’t get too caught up with making everything perfect symmetry. (Quick question: Why isn’t the word symmetry, symmetrical? WHAA!?!?? Mind Blowing!

Now while you are trying to solve the world crisis of symmetry, take an olden rag and dip it in a little bit of dark walnut stain. If you are going to prom, to Target, somewhere nice, or graduation *ahem* you might want to wear gloves. Lemme just say it takes a lot of frantic scrubbing to get this junk off your hands!

Wipe it on the frame, taking off excess stain in some areas and blotting it darker in some. It takes a little practice, but since this frame is supposed to look old[en] and beat up, it is okay if you mess up in spots.

Now comes the fun part While it is still sticky, SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER! This is my favorite part of this movie :D But seriously, take a hammer and beat it! Not REALLY hard, just hard enough to make a mark. Do this sparingly and randomly. I also turned my hammer over to the pronged side and hit the frame a few times with that end.

Let dry completely (2-3 days) and if you want, add a little extra awesomeness by gluing bunting to the top!

Enjoy Everyone!

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Question: What should be my next post? And do you have another spelling for symmetry??!

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