A quilt a month: January

Here it is, like I promised! My January Quilt.


January Quilt

This quilt took me a whopping 6 days! Whew! That’s almost slow compared to my record of 4 days – Haha! It is supposed to take me 12 weeks, so I don’t know HOW I pulled this off??!

This type of quilt is really popular with the crowd. It looks intricate and complicated as long as you don’t know how to make it. There is a trick to making these types of quilts, which I show in this really long blog post.

This particular quilt is a rush order for my mom’s friend’s niece. She loves purple and that is the only color she wanted in the quilt. I knew it needed one other color, so I picked a dark shade that wouldn’t take away from the purple factor…BLACK! I think it turned out great!

Her niece also wanted zebra, so the ENTIRE back is zebra :) It makes me happy

January Quilt 010 January Quilt 005My mom’s friend is picking it up today to give as a surprise gift to her niece :)


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Adios Amigos!

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