52 Weeks of Happy {Week 52}

Today is the very last day of 52 Weeks of Happy, but not the last day to be Happy!


Though 52 weeks is coming to a close, my happiness is not dissipating (my big word of the day) with it, and neither should yours. :)

I know I haven’t been completely faithful with it, there have been a few weeks (well a lot of weeks) where I am just to busy with school to blog at all. This December, however, should pick up, and I have some fun DIY projects for y’all to try out for cute or cool gifts. Christmas on a budget seems to be trending lately. ;)

I do want to add that though I have not blogged all of the 52 weeks of Happy, I haven’t been sad. In fact, the opposite! This 52 week challenge has made me stop and think about what I am thankful for during the week even if I don’t tell y’all about it.

The little things…

Mattress surfing :)

Fall leaves….

A warm fire :)

Little things in life that make life enjoyable. Things you don’t realize make you smile.

It has been truly fun to do this!


So to conclude, be


Life is such a gift and every small moment should be cherished.

And don’t worry, I’m not leaving :) I’m still here to blog about my crafts, but the 52 Weeks of Happy posts are over for now.

Thanks to everyone who left comments, and don’t hesitate to leave some now! “What are you happy for?” “What makes you smile?”

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CHOW! :)

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52 Weeks of Happy {week 45}

Good Morning Gorgeous!

My week was filled with happiness, how was your week?

I hope yours went splendid too!

My morning started off with a lovely cup of steaming coffee and a History book! Fall is already back, I can’t believe it! It is time for giant fleece pajama pants and cozy sweat shirts! Bundles of blankets and heater switched to ON.


Pluto 002

Importance of height 005

Sent off another one! 014 Sent off another one! 021 Sent off another one! 020

Made some more custom orders this week for a lovely customer! Goofy and Pluto pretend masks. I never would of thought of that! Say “Happy Birthday” to the little guy for me!

Each little package was wrapped up with love, and with the help of OrangeUmbrellaCO‘s stickers! They are A-dorable!


New Quilt 012

New Quilt 019

New Quilt 015

New quilt! If you remember my 4H quilting journey last year, I am starting the process all over again. This time, a new quilt, new knowledge, and a new chance! Keep coming back for updates!

These are the fabrics I will be using. Pretty much love at first sight!

Pink – Border and binding

Blue – background

Green – Back

I can’t wait to get started…so exciting!!!



Were you a BOOK-IT kid?

If you were, today they are celebrating 30 years of BOOK-IT…yeah….today!

(You can even get a free pizza out of the deal.)

Anyways, the above picture is my book-it medal from second grade!! Cannot believe I found it! Brings back some memories.



New Quilt 003

New Quilt 007

“You can never have to much felt!”  Right?

Went to Hobby Lobby the other day and got the largest stack of felt…like…ever! I am going to use it for more masks and tails for the fair on the 18th.

Tell me: Did you ever buy so much of one thing at a store that you were actually embarrassed?! HaHa! Would love to know. Tell me in the comments section below:





Oh yes! And one more thing…

It is “NATIONAL WORLD SMILE DAY!!!” Happy day to everyone!

Sign it


“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 20}

You Can Find This Quilt Here: Hot Pink Zebras Available for Custom Orders Or Purchase.

Around the World Quilt for Fair 022

Around the World Quilt for Fair 014


Around the World Quilt for Fair 036

Around the World Quilt for Fair 032

Around the World Quilt for Fair 051


I entered the 4H fair and rodeo this weekend. If you have been keeping up with this blog, you know all about my quilt journey! =) I dropped it off on Saturday at 8:00 AM. We then went over to a party in the park where we ate craw-fish and played basketball and horseshoes. At 2:20 in the afternoon, I was expected back at the fair to see if I made the top ten.

Guess what!?

I made top ten! My heart leaped when I saw my name written on the poster board in the huge auditorium. Excitement rushed through my body!

I was then to come back in one hour for interviews. This was my first year to do this, so I had no idea what to expect. {I also had no idea I was going to be interviewed} So, 4:00 o’clock rolled around, and there I was…being interviewed by three judges. They asked me all sorts of questions. How long it took me. Where did you get the idea. Have you used the colors before. etc… {At the end, they told me I should be the fair queen, because I was so beautiful} = )

It was really fun!

That night we were back in the auditorium awaiting results. They called the winners of fourth, third, second, and first.

None were my name. I was disappointed, but found out later I was 5th place! What a victory! Out of 1,600 entries, I WAS 5th!


So there you have it. Perseverance and love for a hobby can take you places.

But that’s not quite the end of my story: The quilt was one place away from going to the live auction, but on Tuesday I picked up my quilt with a note attached saying she would love to buy my quilt.

*Sigh of satisfaction*

“I love quilting!”


We also went to go see a movie this week: “God’s Not Dead”

DUDE! That movie was Awesome! Even if you are not into that sort of thing, this is still a must see. Suspense. Drama. Emotion. Music. Willie and Kori Robertson. Newsboys. Just Greatness.

And of course, what’s a movie theater without Coke* and homemade pretzels?

Glad you asked, I’ll tell you!

“It’s not a movie theater.” that’s what. So naturally, we got the largest Coke you can get and enough straws to go around.

It was a grand time!




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52 Weeks of Happy {Week 19}

littlebrighteyes.net littlebrighteyes.net

Coraline Peach Collection! We went to Cracker Barrel Yesterday for breakfast, and of course you can’t leave that place without looking around at the merchandise. The store is filled with cute and unique items just waiting for the right person to come along.

I just had to take a picture of these quilts I found in there, because as you can see, the name ‘Coraline’ is very close to my name. I don’t think I will ever stop being surprised to see names similar to mine. It is always strange to see it in public! = )





But then…littlebrighteyes.net

Going owl crazy! Owls, owls, owls, who doesn’t love those cute little characters. Found this adorable and beautifully illustrated book in the Cracker Barrel, along with the orange owl jar above. The book is obviously about a little owl who doesn’t like his itchy orange scarf. The wee owl’s mom makes a new one, and it is blue…and he loves it!

Of course, there is stuff after and in between, but I don’t want to spoil the book for you! = ) It IS adorable though, and if you happen to stop by a Cracker Barrel, pick yourself up a copy to read to the kids before bedtime.



Just one more owl picture…I promise! Everywhere you turned in a Cracker Barrel, owls were there, I just couldn’t resist posting just one more picture. The plates were pretty too, so I figured I would share them too!



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52 Weeks of Happy {Week 17 and 18}

Hello! Good-morning, Afternoon, Evening! Just catching up with the past two weeks Happy posts.


Busy Busy Busy!

May is going to be the busiest month so far this year. =)


My 4H quilt is on the very edge of being done! You might have seen it, but I put a countdown clock on the side of my blog. = )


House 041

House 036House 030

House 024House 017House 015House 002 House 001

Spring has finally sprung! The flowers are blooming, leaves are waking up from their long, ever so long, winter sleep. The bees are back! Hallelujah! {never thought I’d say that about a bee} Butterflys are slowly appearing, sun shining, plants are arriving at the stores, ready for pick  up.


I love spring!

I can wear shorts now, I can leave my jacket at home. ♥ ♥ ♥!

I’m just waiting for exactly the right time to jump in the pool. The water looks SO inviting, but put your foot in, and *brrr* looks like I’ll be waiting for it to warm up some more.


My Uncle and Aunt went to China! 

On Sunday, we were invited over into Galveston to eat and look at the gazillions of pictures they took, while on their trip. We ate, they told stories, and after it was all said and done, we were all sent home with unique authentic chopsticks, {and I’m not talking about the ones you get at Panda Express.} These were painted wood eating utensils…from China!

Anyways, it was pretty awesome, but our “China adventures” don’t stop there. You can’t just go to Galveston and talk about China and then end the day with American food! You have to eat China.

Okay, let me rephrase that. You’re not going to eat China…

“You have to eat Chinese food.”

There, I feel better.

We ended the day with Panda Express, using our new chopsticks of course.


Bubble Bursting Alert:

{Egg rolls are not Chinese!}


And lastly, we finished off the night with Kung Fu Panda!

That’s All!


Have a HAPPY DAY everyone!



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