52 Weeks of Happy {week 45}

Good Morning Gorgeous!

My week was filled with happiness, how was your week?

I hope yours went splendid too!

My morning started off with a lovely cup of steaming coffee and a History book! Fall is already back, I can’t believe it! It is time for giant fleece pajama pants and cozy sweat shirts! Bundles of blankets and heater switched to ON.


Pluto 002

Importance of height 005

Sent off another one! 014 Sent off another one! 021 Sent off another one! 020

Made some more custom orders this week for a lovely customer! Goofy and Pluto pretend masks. I never would of thought of that! Say “Happy Birthday” to the little guy for me!

Each little package was wrapped up with love, and with the help of OrangeUmbrellaCO‘s stickers! They are A-dorable!


New Quilt 012

New Quilt 019

New Quilt 015

New quilt! If you remember my 4H quilting journey last year, I am starting the process all over again. This time, a new quilt, new knowledge, and a new chance! Keep coming back for updates!

These are the fabrics I will be using. Pretty much love at first sight!

Pink – Border and binding

Blue – background

Green – Back

I can’t wait to get started…so exciting!!!



Were you a BOOK-IT kid?

If you were, today they are celebrating 30 years of BOOK-IT…yeah….today!

(You can even get a free pizza out of the deal.)

Anyways, the above picture is my book-it medal from second grade!! Cannot believe I found it! Brings back some memories.



New Quilt 003

New Quilt 007

“You can never have to much felt!”  Right?

Went to Hobby Lobby the other day and got the largest stack of felt…like…ever! I am going to use it for more masks and tails for the fair on the 18th.

Tell me: Did you ever buy so much of one thing at a store that you were actually embarrassed?! HaHa! Would love to know. Tell me in the comments section below:





Oh yes! And one more thing…

It is “NATIONAL WORLD SMILE DAY!!!” Happy day to everyone!

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