Summer 52 Weeks of Happy __ May-August 22nd

So I admit it! I have had a great summer! Full of beaches, books, music, pools, my beautiful blazing sun, towels, golfing, golf carting, friends over, swimming, exercise, kayaking, fishing, no school!, eating out…the works!
It will all come to a close around the middle of August but it sure has been FUN!
I did not want my blog here to be a chore, so I put it off for the summer, trying to focus on what I love more than anything…Quilting and having fun.
I have three quilts I need to finish by August.

One zebra and doggie fabric dog quilt
Another one of those with alternate color placement
and another around the world quilt that looks like the one I did for the fair.

School starts in a little over a month, and college starts on August 25th.
But it is all good because……..

This year I am a senior! (In High school)

And I’m loving it! :)
This will be my last year to do a lot of things, but also a year with new open doors.
I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity to blog along with you and so thankful for my parents who have helped me reach this point.
I hope to still continue to blog, and quilt, and run an online store as the year continues.

So with all of this said, I will close with…
“I have had a fantastic 2014 Summer”

Thanks all!
Sign it


  1. Lisa says:

    So glad you are having such a wonderful summer, Caroline! I really want to try kayaking. Is it difficult? I can’t wait to see your summer quilts. Keep cool and have fun! :)

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