So, I’ve been remodeling…

A few months ago we had some work done on our bathroom. We had some of the ceiling and walls repaired and a door added to the once gaping hole. When they finished, the re-modelers asked what color we wanted in the bathroom. Well….we high tailed it to Target and bought a fun coastally shower curtain and then ran into Lowe’s and grabbed all the blue paint sample chips they had!

We settled on a VERY bright color and left it. This past week I wanted to do a little more with the walls. We already had a few signs that we never hung up and when I realized I was about to have a 2 day weekend I jumped at the chance.

I added in some shelves and replaced the towel bar and toilet paper holder with one of my own! We already had a trashcan and rugs, but I decided to spray paint the trashcan to match the overall color scheme. I added in some fun things and hung all the pictures. Wanna see it?

Bathroom reveal 018

Bathroom reveal 019

Bathroom reveal 004

My super Hip trashcan :)

Bathroom reveal 013

A basket (from Wal*Mart) to hold clean towels and washrags

Bathroom reveal 014

Of course…a pic from our Florida Trip and a jar of orange smelling toilet bombs!

Bathroom reveal 023

Bathroom reveal 025

The new DIY toilet paper holder sporting my famous Mr. Clam phone…painted like a pencil of course.

(This little shelf is actually really helpful and if you make one, you will be amazed at how often you need a tiny shelf to hold something)

Bathroom reveal 021

$11.00 towel bar from Hobby Lobby. Can it get any better?

Bathroom reveal 001

It can! A simple towel hook added to the back of the door for $2.99

Bathroom reveal 034

That chest is filled with actual treasure…hair ties and bobby pins!

Bathroom reveal 037

My homemade creations you can find by clicking here!

Bathroom reveal 041

There’s that new lens!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek, I know I loved creating it! You can Hop on over to Facebook for more fun, or comment below to tell me anything!

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