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The life of a quilter:

You start off by making mistakes, throwing away projects, pricking yourself with pins, measuring once and cutting twice.

Then you get pretty good, and start making quilts for yourself.

Then you get really good, and start making quilts and sewing projects for your family.

Soon all of your friends and family and your house are filled to the brim with quilts! No one needs anymore!

So what do you do now? well, now…you start making quilts for complete strangers.

Strangers that will never give you anything.

They won’t pay you.

They won’t reimburse you for your fabric.

They won’t reimburse you for your time,

but they will say thank you, and that thank you will be so worth it.


I promise…


Hello! I’m Caroline, I’m 17 as of 2014, and God has blessed me with a talent.

I can Quilt.

The above statements are true for me! With help from my mom and dad, I have created ‘Sew Loving‘ a non-profit organization founded to comfort kids in terrible situations. Me (and you) make quilts, they get sent to me, and I distribute them to EMS, HOSPITALS, FIREFIGHTERS, COPS, ETC. to keep in their cars or buildings to give to kids when they pick them up because something terrible happened.

It is meant to be something that reminds them of home, something to take their mind off of their situation. Maybe they are riding in an ambulance wrapped up in the standard ambulance blanket: AKA: boring and foreign. My vision was to have them wrapped up in a fun brightly colored quilt instead! = )

I honestly think it would help with their fear and anxiety.


So with your help, let’s be Sew Loving and wrap these kids in handmade love!



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  1. Lorri says:

    What a wonderful idea! I have wanted to do the same thing locally, but am so busy trying to make ends meet. Someday, I hope to make it happen. I wish you all the success and will share this.

  2. Sylvie says:

    Hi Caroline,
    WOW what a wonderful idea, and I’m pretty sure that there will be some QQQ members who will chip in to this. I do know that some are already involved in making quilts for charities ( the usual ones like orphans and old folks ) BUT this is a radical and beautiful idea!!
    You are a lovely person. I don’t quilt, but I design Fabric. So go to my Spoonflower Fabric Library and choose a design.
    I’ll send you a yard of that design on Cotton Poplin, free of charge.

    You know where to get hold of me on the Etsy QQQ Team hey.. ‘cos I’ll need your physical address :-)

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