Rotary Cutter 101

How to Change out a Rotary Cutter Blade (Safely)::


In the next couple of craft posts, I will teach you how to make a basic block quilt.  All the way from cutting the blocks, to attaching the binding.


Now, to start making a quilt, you are going to need the general supplies, one of which is a rotary cutter, with a nice sharp blade, for easy slicing of fabric.



So, without further ado, it is time to learn how to change out your blade!


My rotary cutter is a second hand OLFA 45mm. This is the only rotary cutter brand I have ever had and love it! OLFA, in my eyes is a great investment. And better yet, the blades are a snap to change out.

So let’s get started!



Flip your rotary cutter over, there should be a black nut on the back.  Unscrew that first.

(Righty tighty, Lefty Loosy)



Next, there should be a washer, remove that. (When I removed mine there was a lot of metal dust, which I simply removed with a damp paper towel.)



Now the object holding everything together should be a little black screw. If you remove the yellow handle from the screw, you should be able to get to the blade guard and the blade itself.



Slip off the blade guard and your dull blade.  Be careful removing and putting on a new blade.

**You might want to use gloves**



If yours is an OLFA like mine, you should have seven pieces in front of you.



If you have your new blade ready, it is time to put everything back together.  The washer pictured above is the first piece to go back on the screw.



Second is your sharp new blade.



Third, place your blade guard back on to your yellow handle.



Flip these pieces onto the screw, so that the screw is poking up through your handle.



Now, put the washer back on.



…And secure the screw in place.

Voila! Now you should have a brand new blade on your rotary cutter.

Congrats if you completed this whole process without getting cut! :)







Rotary Cutter 101

How to sharpen a rotary cutter::


If you have been shopping for a rotary cutter or blade any time soon, you might have noticed how much money a blade can be.

Blades can go dull very quickly.  If you are a 24/7 sewer like me, you might have an idea how fast these things loose there sharpness.

One way you are able to save money and have a sharp blade is to go in your kitchen right now and pull out a large piece of foil.



Fold your foil in half.



and again…



and once more!



Now open up that dull rotary cutter and start slicing!



After slicing my foil to shreds, I tested it on my fabric.  It still wasn’t to the sharpness I liked, so… I did it again.

After the second attempt, it sliced through my fabric with ease.


**Disclaimer:: I do not hold responsibility for any injuries you might have** 

(but your not going to have any, now are you :)



~Bright Eyes





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