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So here is the thing, I love Pinterest! It’s an obsession. :)

I love all the millions of DIY projects, the delicious looking food, and…well…Everything!

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While on Pinterest, I found this darling picture:

 match jar


The only thing is…is it’s only a darling picture! The website it takes you to does not have the post any longer. Boo Hoo…  

But that didn’t stop me!

I looked at the picture a while and made up my own DIY version.

So without further ado…

The tutorial!

My match jar:

etsy 073

What you need:

·        Small mason jar

·        Decorative paper

·        Matches

·        Large match box with strike strip

·        Hole punch

·        Scissors

·        Glue

·        Pen

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etsy 042

Start with your decorative paper.  Using the lid of the Mason jar, trace a perfect circle onto your paper.

etsy 045

Cut that out.

etsy 065 

Do the same thing with your match box.  Cut or tear the large match box open, so it lays flat.  Taking your lid, once again, trace around it to make a perfect circle. Make sure to include as much of the strike strip as you can.

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etsy 068

The next part is a bit tricky…

Overlap both circles so the match box circle is on top.

Using the edge of the strike strip as my guide, I drew a small line.

{You want your decorative paper to cover everything except the strike strip when you glue it on later} {Pictures will help! I am a visual person :)}

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Finishing drawing the line all the way down.  This is a guide for when you cut!


Cut the smaller half off, and glue it to the side of the match box circle that does not have the strike strip.  Line it up perfectly even and glue in place.


Using the hole punch, make a hole through both circles.

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You’re almost done!

DIY match jar {littlebrighteyes.net}

Fill the jar up with matches, replace the flat metal part of the Mason jar lid with the one you just made, and screw on tight!

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Cute? Or what?

To get the matches out, just shake!

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What do you think? Did you make one? How did it turn out?

Tell me by leaving a comment below!

Come back soon!

~Bright Eyes



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