My Life on this Wednesday

Hey folks! 🙋

1. Welp, its my first Wednesday as a graduated person. Feels pretty normal except for the fact that I don’t have any school today. :)

It was such an exciting experience that I owe all to my wonderful parents! I will have a few DIY blog posts because of it, including: Graduation cap decorating and some different things on my display table.

2. I gave my pups a bath today and fitted them with brand new bandanas. They smelled so nice (as nice as a dog can) and right when I let them go…yeah you guessed it ha ha… They both went & rolled in the dirt! 😄 But I got a quick picture after I rubbed most of the dirt off, so all is well.

3. Has anybody ever donated their hair to a place such as “Locks of Love” or other organization? I’m thinking about doing it any day now. It’s always so scary cutting off 8″ of your hair, but I’ve always had the thought that as long as the LORD blesses me with hair that grew, I would donate it to others less fortunate, and this will be my third time ♥

I totally encourage anyone to do it (Guys or Gals!) I will be donating mine to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and recommend them completely. All you need is 8″, which might sound like a lot, but it is actually less than most other organizations need. :)

When I was pondering cutting mine off, I thought: “I wonder what the Bible says about hair?” So to I went, and typed in “hair.”

These were some of my faves:

Psalm 128:4 “Behold, thus shall the man be blessed who fears the LORD.” I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the word HAIR, but I still like it, so I threw it in :)

2 Samuel 14:26 “Whenever he cut the hair of his head–he used to cut his hair once a year because it became too heavy for him–he would weigh it, and its weight was two hundred shekels by the royal standard.” Alright, so this one I found kinda humorous. It is talking about a man in the Bible named Absalmon. His hair was so heavy it weighed about 5 pounds when he cut it! Is that not crazy?! I thought mine was thick & heavy until I read that. lol

1 Corinthians 11:15 “But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering.” So this verse……The part that stood out to me was “her hair is GIVEN to her.” God is the one who gives all. Nothing is done in our own earthly power, but God provides all, even every hair on your head. Amazing, isn’t it?


Have a lovely Wednesday Y’all


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