Let’s just do it…

Let’s just do it! Let’s take the time we have and make memories that will last a lifetime! Let’s do more doing and never stop smiling and dreaming!


Your happiness will be more contagious than a yawn! For yawns are boring and remind you of the end of the day, while a smile reminds you of the happiness of the moment, and every breath you breathe!

Today, I sewed in almost all my spare time this morning! I’m makin as many masks as I can, to take down to my wee little shop in Old Town Spring! I found a tad bit of time to go jump in the beautifully cool water in our pool and spent some time with my crazy dogs till I left to go work at the best place on earth: “Hobby Lobby”

it was a wonderfully busy day, and I hope yours was equally fantastic or better! 😊

Enjoy your moment!

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