Ideas for Wednesday

Today I was thinking about product moving. Not in a moving truck, but getting stuff in the shop, out the door and into people’s hands to make room for new things.

Maybe some of y’all own an online store or are thinking about it. This is for you:

Sometimes you just have to move product. Fads are always changing, styles are always being replaced, colors go out of style, the list goes on and on. If you have an old product in your online store (like etsy) that isn’t getting any attention, spice up the deal. In the subject line of what the product is called, put in all caps: SALE $$$$ SALE (put the new price where the $$$ are and drop the price of the item.

There is no reason to lose money at this, in fact, hopefully your margins are high enough to where you can lower the price if need be. The owner of Hobby Lobby does this a lot after a holiday. They know that stuff will probably not be as popular next year, and rather than fill up their warehouses with old stuff, they sell it cheap cheap cheap! (I really hope you thought of a chicken when you read that ;)

Some other ways to move product:

Have an “item of the week” (an item at random that goes on sale. This can simply be 10% off)

Whatever you do, make the benefits very noticeable




There are many ways of getting shop attention, the key is just to find the one that fits your customers.

I wanted to keep today’s post short & sweet



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