How to Sew a Chevron Quilt Block:

How to make a chevron quilt block: step by step

 Jadon and chevron block 055



This is a quilt block where you don’t need all sorts of fancy equipment.
All you need is…


  • A sewing machine and thread
  • Two different colored fabrics
  • Scissors or a rotary cutter 
  • A very light pencil or disappearing pen
  • A 12” x 12”  square ruler {I used a record case that I found for a dollar at an antique shop}


chevron block


Start with your fabric.  Use the ruler, record case, or whatever you are using and trace around it with a pen. 


Jadon and chevron block 020


Cut that pattern out of both fabrics.


Jadon and chevron block 023


Now, take those blocks and find the middle of them.  My blocks were 12” x 12” so I cut them in half width wise at 6”

You should be left with four rectangles 6” x 12”


Jadon and chevron block 025

Jadon and chevron block 026

Take each of those rectangles and cut THEM in half width wise.


Jadon and chevron block 029


You should now have eight squares 6” x 6”  


Hope you like cutting, because you are going to take each of those squares and cut them in half from corner to corner.  This is where you have to be very straight or your whole quilt will be lopsided!  You should end up with 16 triangles.



Jadon and chevron block 033


Now, all those squares that you just cut, you are going to sew back together!

 Jadon and chevron block 037


But instead of sewing them back together like the picture above…
You are going to sew them back together, like the picture below.  Do this to ALL the triangles.


Jadon and chevron block 038

Jadon and chevron block 040


When you open the triangles you just sewed together, it should look something like this:


Jadon and chevron block 047

Clip the corners…


Jadon and chevron block 044

Jadon and chevron block 045




…and you should again be left with 8 squares again.


 Jadon and chevron block 047


Sew those squares together so you have one solid color triangle and one print triangle like shown below.


Jadon and chevron block 049

Jadon and chevron block 048


Take those rectangles and sew them together lengthwise like shown below:


Jadon and chevron block 051


Make sure the middle seams line up together before you sew.

Your finished block looks like this:


Jadon and chevron block 052


This pattern makes two blocks at a time


Jadon and chevron block 054


Sew those together and you have this finished product:


Jadon and chevron block 055




TA-DA! You’re done!

Did this tutorial help? Leave a comment below to tell me how your quilt blocks went!


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