Diy no-sew headband (with free printable pattern)

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My wonderful friend (Hello friend!) showed me how to make these headbands and I absolutely love ‘em!
First of all, what’s better than using up some of your scrap stash, and making something cute in the process? Nothing of course! Well, except chocolate…chocolate comes pretty close.

Also, you don’t even need a sewing machine! Unless you want to, (I will show you both ways.)


Two Jelly roll strips, or two pieces of fabric 2.5” x 44”each (coordinating colors)

Hot glue gun (gotta have the glue stix)

Iron and starch

Sewing machine (optional)


And This Pattern: Headband Pattern

Alright, you all set? Here we go.

Print out the pattern piece and cut on the dotted lines.

Diy Headband

Lay out your main fabric strip and pin the pattern piece to one of the ends like the picture above.

Diy Headband

Cut off the excess fabric, following the pattern. Easy Peasy!

Diy Headband Iron down each long side once…

Diy Headband 005 Diy Headband 006 Diy Headband 007

and then again. Use starch and press well so it stays!


Diy Headband

If you want it to stay for good, you can sew it. Simply sew down each long side.

Now for the flower

Diy Headband Take another one of your strips, and using the hot glue, bunch up the end.

Diy Headband

Make the glue gun your friend in this flower making process. Put some of that hot stuff on the edge, and wrap the fabric around. Do this again and again until it is the size you want. You will get better with practice!

Diy Headband

Tie the headband onto your head and then simply hot glue the flower where you want it.

Wait, take the headband OFF your head and THEN glue the flower on. I feel like I should mention that. :)

That’s all! Enjoy!



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  1. Hannah Marie says:

    Hey….. I recognize that pattern! ;)
    I think I recall making a few with a wonderful friend! hehe! Good job! They look great! :) XOXO! :)

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