Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


A quick #DIY I did this morning before work!



I wasn’t aware it was saint Patrick’s day until I opened up my computer this morning and saw that the google emblem had a clover on it! Whoops! Oh well….

I looked in my closet,

So apparently I don’t wear green because I am clean out of that hue except for an XL lime green shirt which I was not planning on wearing.


I was worried some strange customer would pinch me so I had to come up with something! I had some glittery foam on my desk so I grabbed it, traced out a clover, and cut it out!

While I got ready for work I plugged in my cold glue gun to get it hot and when it was ready, I hot glued a safety pin to the back of my shamrock!

Took me like two minutes and I really hope y’all didn’t forget to put a splash of green somewhere on yourself today!

Not only did my shamrock keep me from getting pinched, it also was covered in glitter…which is awesome! :)


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