Follower Friday

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Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, and so today is the day! Everyone who is reading this is what I call a “follower.” You may come every day, maybe once a month, maybe this is your first time at, but welcome, glad you are here!

Anyways, I would love for all of us to get to know each other better with “Follower Friday” Maybe not every week, but every Friday or so, I would love to post pictures of other people’s work, and what they are up to in the craft world! I would love for you to be apart of it!

Whether you made a quilt, organized your craft room, made pom poms, knitted a 3 arm sweater on accident, I would love to hear all about it!

Send me your story or pics (or both) to Facebook @Sweet16inStitches and have a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog post! No Facebook? Feel free to scroll down to the bottom and “leave a reply”


Even send me a message on Twitter @DIYCaroline

I can’t wait to get to know all of Y’all!

To start this Follower Friday, I have a few creations made by the winner of the 6.5” ruler….Susan!

Sunshine quilt

I love this quilt! It’s simple, but still makes for a lovely bundle of warmth. Susan made it for her friend’s daughter which they named: “Emme Sunshine” (hints the words on the quilt)

::wink wink::

I can’t get over the cuteness!

Here are a few more she has made too!


“This is a wall hanging for a house warming gift for a friend that collects fiesta ware and dachshunds…she has two of her own that are like her babies.” Called: “Its a Fiesta” 


Susan says: This is my first art quilt.  This is a replica of our church building.  It was made for a family that was moving from our church family.  I appliqued, thread painted, and used crayon and paint.  Called: “A Remembrance”

Lovely Susan!!!

Oh! and if anyone wants to talk Quilts, you can contact Susan here:

Happy Quilting!

fox ears pic

This was a little while back, but I am still in love! Viki from Sunderland Photography purchased a set of red fox ears from my shop Sweet16inStitches.

Photo shoot material was born! She took this lovely picture and it is up on her Facebook page for all to see! Cuteness!!!



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