First Quilt of 2016

Welp, it’s finally done! My first quilt of 2016. To tell you the truth, this quilt technically wasn’t made completely by me…

Are you confused? Some slight backstory:

‘someone at my church was told I could quilt and without hesitation she brought a couple quilts the next Sunday to show and ask if I could finish them. Her grandmother had HAND stitched the entire front of the quilt (that’s by HAND people!)

One of the quilts was a yoyo quilt and I told her: that one was supposed to not have a back, but the quilt you are about to see I did take that day. Her grandmother had made the entire front and even hand stitched on the binding, but no batting or back.’

I brought back fabric samples and she fell in love with the one below. I took off the old binding and pieced the back together. I pin basted the whole thing and used the “tie” method to quilt it. It was quite a project and I finally finished hand stitching on the new binding. It was such an exciting quilt to finish and if her grandmother was here today, I’m sure she would be proud :)

The fabric is still fun and colorful, but not to much so that it takes away from the beautiful handmade butterflies.


Redone Quilt 010

Redone Quilt 017

Redone Quilt 018

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